Sam's HAs

I am currently using Costco HAs, but would like to consider switching to Sam’s. Is anyone on this forum familiar with what they offer(mainstream equivalents)?

Update on 4/27: I stayed with Costco, albeit with a different store and changing to the Kirkland Signature 4.0 (Rexton Cobalt 16+). My cost was around $2300 for the pair, including custom molds and Tek remote.

There is a Sams Club hearing professional on this forum. I am sure they will respond shortly.

iceman0486 works at Sams Club.

Hello! There isn’t really a good direct comparison for the “big” brands for the hearing aids we carry at Sam’s. We use ARDO instead of WDRC and we are the manufacturer (Liberty Hearing Aids) so not really anything to compare them to directly unless you’ve used America Hears aids, but that is only our much older line.

Coming from Costco, the biggest issue I have is that we have no Bluetooth connectivity options, though most of our units come with manual telecoil these days. Like Costco we offer a 90 day %100 money back guarantee. <O:p
Most of our marketing stuff focuses heavily on the 64 channel end of the devices and I am not a big fan of it. Sure it sounds pretty good when you show someone that the top end Oticon that the competitor across town only has 10-12 channels, but an educated or experienced consumer is going to know that the difference there is minimal. I do know that they produce a good sound that everyone I have fit admits is at least as good as any other hearing aid they have tried – and is better than most. <O:p

Hmmm. Apparently someone misread what I put down to indicate that the SIE64s aren’t worth the upgrade from our 312 product - they are just not for the uptick in channels. The computer is what you are paying for there - increased ability to work with voice, noise, wind, clarity, etc.

We’re also finally getting a higher power aid out there, for those with profound losses. The SIE64 with power speakers is okay for profound losses, but feedback has been an issue without molds.

Yep. 64 real gain controllable and compression channels is ridiculous. Some Professionals think 10 or 12 is too many. I agree. Can you picture a pro actually individually testing and programming 64 channels (they would finish after midnight). And accomplish nothing in the way of improving speech comprehension. Not to mention technical factors such as grossly delayed signal throughput time clashing with direct vent input. Pure marketing hooey. Ed

I am also looking at getting new HA’s. I have had my ReSound ExPlores since 08 and have problems with them lately. I looked at Sam’s last week and was quoted $3500. for a pair including extended warranty etc. I will need to check out the Costco system in a couple of weeks. I do like the blue-tooth program and I want something that can eliminate a lot of the feedback I get know.

I bought one of the SIE 312 32 channel hearing aids a couple of months ago. Only cost $1198 with a 3 year extended warranty and I’ve been very happy with it. Tried the 64 channel and decided it didn’t really sound as clear for me.
Even happier since my health insurance, BC/BS Federal, now pays up to $1250 per ear, 36 month replacement limit. It cost me nothing out of pocket as I charged it interest free on my Sam’s account and just got the insurance check.
Only needed one since the left ear is much worse than the right with very bad word discrimination. I actually hear better with only one aid.

So BC/BS reimbursed you?

Yes. It was delayed a little because the sales tax number was missing, but I called up BC/BS and got that corrected over the phone. They did want the regular insurance form the audiologist had with codes filled in, not just the BC/BS form.

I’m very satisfied with the hearing aid. The sound is a little tinny at first but I prefer that because my problems with clarity, word recognition, are made worse by any sort of smoother conditioned sound. The 64 channel sounded more pleasant but I found I couldn’t discern words quite as well, especially in the terrible acoustics of the Sam’s warehouse.

By the way, It has a little magnetic wand to switch between 3 programs; general adaptive, noisy and windy, but aside from a slight volume change they all sound the same to me. Probably for the same reasons the supposedly better 64 channel aid wasn’t any better for me. Anyone else would probably have a different experience.

Sam’s has real hearing aid clinics (and such?) Asking, since we don’t have Costco around here, so that’s not an option.

I went to Sam’s online, and discovered that they sell the GHI line, which I thought was pretty cool (I liked my old GHI in ears.) But with no custom ear molds and no way to program, I really couldn’t figure out how that could be a viable alternative, regardless of the price.

Did I miss something? :confused:

The offerings on Sam’s Club website are NOT the hearing aids we sell at the Sam’s Hearing Aid Centers. We’ve run into trouble with this before and we are asking Sam’s to pull the amps/online HAs or at least indicate that it is different than the HAC.