Sabinetek SmartMike+ for use with Phonak Marvel?

I was thinking of getting a Roger microphone.
But now there a new cheaper alternative, the Sabinetek microphone. They target in these Corona days mostly content creators, bloggers en video podcasters, but maybe they forget the group of HA users.
Does anybody know more, or use this new microphone


A quick look on eBay has them in the $130-$140 US range.
I wonder if there will be latency issues.

I can’t see how this would work, op. How do you pair two devices neither of which has a screen?

Also, why on earth in 2020 are people creating new products with Micro-USB ports. Ugh.

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Zebras is right - if yo aren’t going to get Roger the Phonak partner mic is the way to go. There are lots of cheap Bluetooth remote mics, you can get a Phonak on ebay for $20-30, but they all have latency problems. The partner mic is about the same price as this one you posted but much better.

I agree, the a partner Mic is the sure bet.

Does the partner mike work with KS9s?

A link to both devices would be appreciated.

The Partner Mic does not work with the KS9 aids.
The Partner Mic was part of the Phonak 2.0 update the KS9 aids did not get.

Does work with Brio 4 though. Costco Phonak Brio 4 (Product Information)

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I believe the PartnerMic is a dedicated Phonak Naida M accessory. They don’t seem to list any other hearing aids (even their own) that it is compatible with. Like Zebras, I really like the combination of the PartnerMic with the Naida M90 is a really great combo. But be aware that the PartnerMic does not stream binaural sound, it is only meant to clarify and amplify a speakers voice. I also got myself a TV Connector and Roger Select. With these three in operation, I think I have all the bases pretty well covered.

Sounds like you are doing all the good, all set up.

I believe the Partner Mic was part of the Phonak Marvel 2.0 update. So, all Phonak Marvel aids should link to the Partner Mic.

Thanks for the quick reply.

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If you look in the Brio 4 link above, it lists the PartnerMic as an accessory for the Brio4.

I have the Partner Mic and it works flawless with my Marvels … for the limited scope it was ment for.
As it is a sort of TV-connector device, that auto connects when held near the HA’s. You have to balance the internal HA-mics with this external mic, this is a fight you can’t win. With the TV-connector you can completely mute the HA-mic and have a fantastic sound coming in. If you do this with Partner mic, you completely loose the other sounds and speakers that are not near enough. Impossible.
It is what it says it is. You and your partner, one the bikes, in a noisy car, maybe in a plane.
You get what you pay for. You get a pouch, a neck strap, a charger with USB-C(?), a leaflet, a box in box and also the partner mic. I’m sending it back.
Off topic. When I picked up the partner mic I had my domes changed into power domes, coming from vented domes. The gain is remarkable, but the soundscape has changed too.
EDIT : I’m not sending it back. After a long car drive I enjoyed the easy conversation with my wife. Even more she enjoyed it, because she could talk softly and I still understood clearly. So we both had a benefit.

No latency issues with the partner mic. I just don’t think it’s a quality sounding mic