Rustling aids? (newbie)

I’ve got my aids (Otion Spirit Zest) since Friday but and am trying to get used to them. I get that it’s not gonna be perfect, it does sound tinny a lot, but is it normal that I can hear my hair and skin rustling against the aids with every movement I make? When I walk it literally goes SH SH SH SH SH in both ears. To be honest, it is really annoying - is there anything that can be done about it?

Every time I get my haircut I get the SH SH sound until my hair grows out a little, I find that if my hair covers my HA the sound goes away. For me the tinny sound only lasted about 4 days and then everything sounded normal again. However, some people I’ve talked to said the tinny sound lasted a couple weeks, so, everybody is different.

When my hair is just long enough so that the ends of the hair brush the microphones I get the rustling. You need either shorter or longer hair.

I actually have shoulder-length hair but am wearing it in a bun right now…hairs that come out the side when it loosens apparently rustle over the aid. Opening my hair makes it a hundred times worse, then it rustles everytime I move my head just the tiniest bit!

I found that when I use my HA sweat bands the rustling stops.