Rumor Control--New Hearing Aid from Phonak

My audiologist heard from someone who is supposed to know that Phonak will announce a new hearing aid to replace the Exelia at next months AAA convention in San Diego. Has anyone else heard this?

this is more less a given, since Oticon has launch a new high end instrument…
If i have to guess, it will have some sort of sincronization (soundflow)

I have heard that it might only be announced in October 2010 at the EUHA. This would be consaistent with the head start Oticon had with the Epoq as well.

Anybody see this news ?:

Not really sure what this product is.

Is it like the Phonak Verve ?

Id be very suprised if Excelia Art was replaced at AAA, I would imagine its replacement will be previewed at EUHA for an early 2011 launch. I have heard that Phonak are launching their own version of Fuse that Unitron launched last year. The Sona I would imagine is the Lyric hearing aid rebranded after Sonova’s acquisition of Insound… I may be wrong but I dont think the new chip will be ready for launch until the three years are up.

It is a new brand. Why Sonova needs a new brand this is interesting. it seems to me
that a 1 product family company does not make sense.

Art will be replace, if not they will prob suffer. Siemens will also release a top instruments, so they better come up with a top instrument.

Thanks for the info. I suspect this is a modular approach, where the audiologist keeps stock of the device in the office but the firmware is unflashed. Once the customer decides on the technology, the aud downloads the firmware from the online ordering store on the spot and flash the aid to which ever model is required. This is all very exciting!

I’m told from a source within the company that this brand is likely to concentrate on over the counter (i.e. not custom fit/professionally fitted) devices.

If it is over the counter I would have to be somewhat inexpensive. However, most HI companies like to sell only expensive aids, I dont think phonak will go this way…

I am surprised as Exelia Art is a premium product of Phonak. it is not long since they released it.

The life span of an aid from launch to the point an aid is not promoted anymore is only 500 days - Art is reaching it’s end as the premium product now.
X Builder the point of the third brand in Sonova group is to allow them to provide an inexpensive over the counter product range without damaging the other two brands images. It’s a Sonova brand they are launching not as such a Phonak brand.

500 days is to short… I think it was 3 yrs. right?

So , which is the mose developed model from Phonak? Which has the best technology?

NOt for a company - maybe for a dispenser but we were always told we had a 500 day window to sell it

Phonak is introducing a high-end instrument in october, that’s a fact. I’ve seen an invitation to their presentation today. I think they will present it on EUHA and launch it instantly, in November maybe…

Sona is a totally other company that Sonova Holding prepares to get ready for the “future” hearing aid market, where they plan to sell directly without taking the HA-dispenser as man in the middle…I think they will continue to product things like the Audeo Zip and RIC-intruments or thin tube instruments with domes…

In October Oticon will also present Chili at EUHA which will fight the Naida SP as leading instrument in the Superpower- size 13 category…Oticon will launch also a ITE-P instrument…a more powerfull In-Ear to compete against the Phonaks and the Siemens Nitro CIC.

Are you refering to CIC power, that product does exists (Rise platform products).
Chilli will probably put phonak in check, phonak is probably focusing on their
new highend instrument and therefore it will not be till AAA, since they release a new
super power. I even doubt this will happen as they will probably focus on their new
high end instrument

I like to see what phonak will probably come up with. I bet it will be same as exelia art + some sort of binaraul sincronization. Possibly streaming without the need of the ICOM.
It will be nice to see frequency response learning and or compression.

I like to see, what phonak will do now that they own Advance Bionics.
perhaps CI with integrated FM?

I’m not referring to the RISE (Vigo, Hit) and RISE II (Agil) CIC Power instruments that we’re fitting since late march but to another in-the-canal POWER instrument like the old GO Pro family had one…

AB will get some big upgrades from the Sonova-family…i don’t think they integrade FM into implant but they will probably make a sort of in-case adapter like for the nucleus freedom-processor…

Phonak has to introduce a new high-end-instrument with at least binaural-syncronisation and binaural-compression/soundflow ecc. options…Widex has presented the clear440 which does it and Oticon presented the second generation of RISE…Bernafon is using the WDH-family tech from Oticon… Siemens is on the road to come with some news, all that means:

PHONAK H A S to launch something comepetitive…

Has anyone heard more details on the GN Resound Alera? i’ve seen a demo with the tv-transmitter but I can’t find any tech data about the Alera…

I wanted to clear the air about Sona Hearing on this thread. Sona Hearing is part of the Sonova group, but provides hearing aids to hearing care professionals only, not directly to the consumer. You have to have a dispensing license to provide our product! Here is an overview. Please feel free to email me if you have questions. Thanks!

The main benefits of the sona:system for hearing care professionals at a glance:

  • Offer your clients the experience of better hearing during their first visit, and begin the successful fitting process.
  • You can change the performance level with one click – maximum flexibility to meet your clients' changing needs.
  • The hearing instruments are always available on-site – with no risk for you.
  • State-of-the-art hearing instruments and fitting tools – from the world's market leader in hearing technology.
  • The innovative business processes and unique service offerings create new opportunities for dispensing hearing instruments while reducing administrative overhead.

So you basically ship us the Fuse/BTE form factor and allow us to ‘write’ the eeprom to whichever level the customer wants.

It’s almost like the way we work here with the standard Fuse.

1: Is this why there’s supply issues on Fuse at the moment?
2: New Fuse face-plates detaching isn’t great.
3: Have all the issues with the soft/hard interface been resolved - that was the main failure point in the existing model.

Charging people extra for features in the software that probably ought to have been included in the first place is appealing to accountants (no doubt) but it doesn’t necessarily engender a better dispenser/client relationship.