Rubbish sound in one ear


Hi folks. Would like a bit of advice/second opinion.

I have profound deafness in one ear. With aid fitted I get some amplification in that ear but the sounds are basically rubbish. I get a lot of constant static type noise from the environment and any voices are faint and sound like Donald Duck.

My HA specialist says the aids are working fine and my hearing loss is such that I can’t expect much clarity.

Does this sound reasonable? Or should I go for a professional second opinion somewhere?



It might be wrong, but it sounds reasonable. What’s your overall take of the hearing aid specialist? Seem competent or seem like somebody who BSes?



How long have you had this hearing loss without any hearing aid correction? How long have you tried the hearing aid? I have had significant loss in my left ear for many years. I have been on a HA for just over two weeks now, and the hearing in that ear is improving some.



Well, it’s bad, but, you are “only” touching 90 db loss in a couple of spots. I think you should get some fairly normal sounds, along with some distortion. The brain can actually start to make sense of it after a while (weeks? months?).



I would definitely get a second opinion.
But I would also make sure that the second opinion comes from an audiologist. This way you have a good comparison. I have profound loss in both ears, my right ear a little worse than my left. When I first got the aids I am wearing now, I had some of the problems you are experiencing, but my audi was able to adjust the program. I am at a point now, where I feel this is as good as it gets for my level of hearing loss. But I do have clarity and no more static.
I will always need to lip read as well. Hope this helps.



You’ve got a severe hearing loss rather then a profound loss. You should be getting ok results with the hearing aid. Maybe give it more time?




Your loss is more in the severe category rather than profound. As for your hearing aids, what make and model etc do you wear?

Based on what you’ve said, get a second opinion. Try a different audiologist.



So the answer as usual is yes, no, maybe.

I just did a little test. I stuck a finger in my right ear to see what I could hear in my left.

Nil. Nada. Not even a train passing. Just my tinnitus!

I’ve gone and checked and that hearing test is a year old. The aids were fitted in November. I wonder if my hearing has degraded so much in between that the aids have been programmed to be too specific, selectively amplifying when I need something “broad spectrum”.



Ears that have been severe for a long time are pretty much impossible to get back. The brain “re-maps” the hearing centers to do other things. It’s like an empty drawer in a tool box. You aren’t gonna let it set empty, you’re gonna put other stuff there.

Technically, it’s called Cross-Modal Reorganization. It just means taking something meant for one thing, and making it do something else.

Good luck.



@LeccyC you don’t mention what brand and model of HA your Aud has you wearing? How old are they? Because some of the companies have some really good new models released eg OPN range and the new Marvel. But with you being from Aus they will be expensive especially if you are with a private audiology company.



D’oh. I always forget the obvious. Resound Quattros. Top of the range a few months old. And yes they cost a pretty penny :wink:



What’s your WRS like? Maybe it’s your ear distorting and not the HA. Also, what style do you have and if a RIC, what power receiver?

I also have a lot of distortion but it’s me