RONDO 2 and Roger questions

I’m new with having a cochlear implant. I have the Rondo 2 and with that I also have the Roger. I have it connected to my galaxy s20 ultra to enhance my hearing in general but has anyone been able to connect them to a windows laptop. I work from home and I have to wear a headset, but the headset sits directly where my cochlear implant is supposed to be at. I’m starting to notice that I am having speech issues when I don’t wear it. I guess since I’ve never had this before, is that normal for speech issues to happen with prolonged non use of the hearing devices?

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Can you not give up the headset and stream directly to your CI with either the Roger or some other way?

the audiolink they have for MedEL can help that person here!

Yes that’s it! I knew Med-El had something but couldn’t think what it was called!


What “issues”? Hissing, lisping, squeaking? These things happen in people who deny they need help. I sizzle my esses but had not noticed until I used my aid. I suppose it also happens when help is not used. Some of the subtle sounds in speech can only be regulated by hearing yourself.

I may be mis-understanding but: There’s different styles of headsets. One popular type does have a big pad right over the ear, but there are others. Also, my Phonak BTE connects to wireless telephone (hear and talk) and it appears this Rondo2 does also? I guess this is what Zebras and Otikid05 are saying.

I am also new to a cochlear implant. My first adjustments were yesterday after the activation a few weeks ago. This comment about hearing yourself hit home a little. I find myself talking waaaay too loud. My voice is very clear, but too loud. Other voices are not so clear. Trying to figure this all out.

Today I did have a steamed phone call from a good friend. I understood about 50-60 percent. Last week when we talked it was more like 10-20%.

Sorry for the ramble, thinking about the OP. To NOT have sounds for a long time and then get a cochlear implant or hearing aids, you can not expect to understand all the new sounds right away. I sure have not. Be patient, understanding comes in time. Try not to get frustrated. Hang in there.

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@sdana1994 welcome to the forum.

I have a Cochlear N7 with Resound Enzo for nearly 18 months now.
How long have you been activated? How many mappings have you had?
With every mapping the speech does become clearer. If it doesn’t tell your audiologist you would like more clarity of speech.
Do your head phones fit snugly over your device or do you have spare room around the device. I’m wondering if the fit is to tight the speech might be getting lost in the tight fit. Just a thought. My first head phones were very poor quality and I couldn’t understand very much. I then purchased a much better quality pair of Bose head phones and the difference was amazing.
Now I don’t know very much about the Rondo maybe @Dani can help you more with Med El.
You do need to push on with the rehab though, I’m still listening to audiobooks trying to improve just that bit more.