Roger Select versus Compilot 1


I’ve got a pair of Phonak S+ UP Ws. I had been using the Compilot 1 which was working well. I could stream music, receive phone calls, and all round it worked well.

Work offered to upgrade me to a Roger Select. This involved removing the battery door on the HAs, installing audio shoes, plugging in newly purchased Roger X Transmitters. With this a trip to the audiologist was required to add a Roger program to get it all working.

It seems to work fine when receiving phone calls, and the directional mic features work well, but I can’t stream any music (other than phone calls)!

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

I should clarify the audiologist was very new to the device and so it took an effort to just get the Roger X’s connected to the Roger Select.

One way that works - Plug the aux - usb cable to your audio source and select, and then you’ll get mono stream to your HAs.

I think calls use bt between select and phone. But I’m not sure if that also pick ups streaming. Check the pairing profile, it will say if its connected for calls or calls and media. My guess is it’s only calls.

But I’m not familiar with regular select. Check the user manual, it actually is useful.

You have to use the cable to stream music. You can’t do it over Bluetooth. That’s the downside to the Roger.

Ah that is such a shame. I’m pretty disappointed as I was hoping to let go completely of the Compilot. My iPhone and work Android don’t have aux sockets either.

Is there are a workaround, or does that mean I have to carry both the Compilot and the Select all the time?

I know my iPhone has an adaptor that you can buy that allows me to plug my Roger into it. Not sure about android tho.

Thank you. What is the adaptor out of curiosity? The issue now basically is I can’t access zoom calls on my phone or laptop. As that is essentially streaming audio.

That’s even more complicated.
If your phone would have aux, the moment you plug in something, that steals both mic and sound. So you’d need a splitter into two, mic and sound, then plugin roger select into sound part and plugin some cable mic into mic part.

Or find an app that splits where output goes, so that you can use phone mic for mic and then you can plug in select in aux.

Since you said you don’t have aux, so that 3.5 mm jack, then you should have usb. Look for usb jack to 3.5 audio hole, or even usb splitter to mic and 3.5 audio. That should work then.

For laptop there are even usb soundcards, and I’d assume such splitters exist for all variety of usb types.

Maybe even faster on phone is just to split the output with the app (I have one on android, lesser audioswitch) and see if you can find your usb to micro usb that roger has, and try it. Take this with a grain of salt, I didn’t try this one so I have no clue if there’s some specific spec you need from such a cable, eg ‘audio usb x to usb y’ or something.

I can talk into my phone Mic whiles having my Roger connected.

Thank you Blacky and Zebras for the information! It is very informative. I am starting to realise the Compilot 1/2 are the proper streaming devices for multimedia and phone services.

Whereas the Select is strictly a directional mic. It doesn’t have the greatest phone call quality but does it’s job of directional sound amazingly well. Based on the responses, the amount of hardware and software to “hack” it makes it clear it wasn’t designed for anything else.

I agree. I have a Phonak ComPilot Air plus also my Phonak Roger Pen. I much prefer the ComPilot.

I think I saw that iphones do that automatically, since you mentioned lightning cable I guess you do have an iphone?

Android needs an app :confused: at least up to 9, don’t know about 10.

I have an old iPhone that still has a headphone jack. I can still talk into my iPhone Mics when I attach headphones or my Roger.

So I have been trialing the Roger Select which works well as a phone and directional mic. Just randomly asked Siri for something, and surprisingly the Select lit up and connect to the phone!

So there definitely is some firmware limitations going on that are preventing it from streaming music and other audio. I’ll just have to try and figure out how to remove the limit.

One thing to make it absolutely clear the Compilot is the king of streaming over the Roger is the battery capacity. The former is bigger and can last close to two days. The Roger Select starts dying towards the end of the work day.

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I agree. Also the ComPilot can announced caller ID through the ComPilot into your ears, where’s the Roger can’t.

Ah yes I love that bit! Just makes it clear that a Compilot is the proper streaming device.

I just wish I had a Phonak store I could walk into like Apples and just get a low down on their product offering and what people can and can’t do.

The Roger Select comes with a cable - micro usb to 3.5mm jack that plugs into the laptop. I was hoping for a better solution as it means the charging socket of the Select is now stolen.

Nevertheless it works!

Now just gotta find a way to do it on the phone.

I know it comes, I’ve written under that assumption all those posts above when I explained how to get the mic and sound part for zoom calls or something.

Only 3.5 jack directly to select will give you sound only, but no mic. If you can choose on laptop which mic you use, then it’s fine solution.

However, on phones thag have 3.5 hole, the moment you plug in something, it takes everything.

On iPhone not, you can still use mic from phone, from what I understood.
On android you can use the app that splits the sound and choose to use phone mic and not ‘headset mic’ which phone assumes is available in the moment you plugin select. App that works is lesser audio switch.

Select picks only sound, no area on jack to pick up mic.

If you don’t have jack hole in the phone, then there are usb to 3.5 jack converter that you could use. And then proceed as mentioned here for using phone mic or some post above for full hardware solution.

I can plug my Phonak Roger MultiMedia Hub into both my laptop and iPhone and my Mics still work even to the Hub doesn’t have it’s own Mic.