Roger Select Remote Microphone


Couple questions regarding the use/operation of roger select remote microphone.

In a noisy setting, restaurant, music in background, etc. how effective (or how much of an improvement) does the RSRM offer a HA user? Versus the HA users just setting their HA’s on “background noise mode”. Are we talking a major improvement or a minor improvement?

If the RSRM is put in the center of a table of six, eight, ten people will it work if surrounded by the drinking glasses, pitchers of water/beer, wine bottle, flower arrangement, candle, salt/pepper shaker, etc.? When you use the Roger Pen you point towards the person you are talking to, but you can’t point the RSRM so if an object is blocking RSRM - will HA connection be impacted?

Is the RSRM really just for use communicating with someone sitting next to you or possibly across the table, versus someone sitting a couple chairs over? I see Phonak showing the RSRM pictures of device placed relatively close to the HA user - which tells me the device might only work within a certain small radius.

Is the RSRM water proof should someone knock over a glass of water/beer/wine on top of it?

Lastly when buying new HA’s - Phonak can you negotiate the price (down) for the RSRM or do you have to pay asking price. I’m not a fan buying HA accessories on ebay since that’s always a “crap shoot” and you really never know if you are getting something totally new. On the other hand I don’t need to spend $700 on a device that only works in certain settings or become impractical with table setting blockage, etc.

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I tried the Select for 3 weeks and found my Speech in Noise program with UltraZoom to be better. I found the Select to be useful in other situations tho.

No it’s not waterproof at all.



I could be off base but I’m thinking the Select only works well in certain situations and certain sitting arrangements. Furthermore unless told otherwise, I doubt the “select” will function properly if someone places a glass or pitcher of beer/water in between the HA user and the select device. Sure if we’re all playing cards with nothing else on table I bet it might work wonders. On the other hand with waiters or waitress puts food and drinks and all sorts of things on a restaurant table - I bet the “Select” fails to perform as reported. And say you go to some dinner engagement with people you have never met and someone picks up the “select” and ask the waiter “what the heck is this”.