Roger Select Insurance (UK)

Hi there,

Work was kind enough to buy a Roger Select device for me, which had the companies own insurance covering it. When I left the company I was allowed to keep the device but told to seek my own insurance provider. I don’t have home and contents and won’t be able to get it (as I live in a shared house).


My friend lives in a shared house and has contents but can’t have building insurance.

Her private hearing aids are on her contents insurance.

Can’t remember exactly how much she pays but it’s like roughly £6 a month.

First Ive heard of this. What’s the company called?

I’m not sure. Any insurance company will provide contents insurance.

Contents is yours so you can have contents insurance as you’re insuring your stuff.

My sister has contents insurance only as she lives in rented accommodation.

You just can’t have building insurance as you don’t own the building.