Roger Select iN disconnects during phone calls

When using my Roger Select iN connected via a cable to my iPhone X during a phone call, the iPhone shows the Headphone Output being used. However, the RS keeps disconnecting or at least the iPhone switches to my Marvel hearing aids. When this happens, the persons I am chatting with tell me that my voice starts breaking up (usually my cue to check the connection). Even though I again select the Headphone output on the iPhone, within minutes the phone switches back to the Marvels.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can ensure the Headphone output on the iPhone does not switch to the hearing aids?

Thank you for any comments.


Did you try to disconnect HA from BT before the call?

I wonder, are you able to use phone mic during call or you use some splitter and separate mic?

I would imagine you would need to turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone.

Hi Michael,

I had the same problem with my Pen and TV Connector. In both cases, when the device experienced a lack of signal, it disconnected from my hearing aids. The Pen assumed that if there was no signal it didn’t need to burn up battery power by staying needlessly connected.

I’m assuming that you’re using the microphone on your phone to speak and using your Select to stream the conversation to your hearing aids. Does the connection shut off while you’re talking but not when the other person is talking? That’s what happens to me. The workaround I’ve started using is to keep music playing very quietly so the Pen detects the signal.

As a for instance, I was listening to Patty Smith’s cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit during a meeting this morning. :smiley:

Hope this helps you find a workaround.

Thank you Blacky, Zebras, and Alvin for being so kind by responding to my query.

The suggestion to disconnect from Bluetooth is apparently the answer I needed. I will test it during the next few calls.

Blacky, I believe the Roger Select’s (RS) mic is picking up my voice. I need to confirm this. There is no other device involved. Just the iPhone and the RS connected via a cable.

Alvin, the details of your experience really helps me to understand what is going on. Now I need to find Patty Smith’s Smells Like Teen Spirit :slight_smile:

check this app, it could help with testing: Workaround for android and some BT annoyances (app that allows 2 click select to choose call or media, tested on Marvel M90)

I think RS picking up voice won’t go back to the phone, but I must say that I haven’t tested that.
Oh yeah, just remembered, it won’t.
Because connector is audio only type (at least the one that came with RS). So mic will send sound to your HAs (environment sound, or your own), but that won’t reach the speaking partner.

So it seems that iphone automatically detects that just headphones but not headset is connected and it uses iphone mic. Android definitely doesn’t do that on its own, I found one app for android that forces use of built in mic if you plug in headphones, and tested that today with RS and it worked much better for the other side than using HAs with regular BT directly. Because phone mic is better in not picking up background noise and it’s in front of me as opposed to HAs on the sides. Also, if I have window open or fan working, other side hears me poorer than if I’m in complete quiet. But open window or fan isn’t a problem for built in mic version.

Just sharing if you find it useful. I know @Alvin will :rofl:

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I have confirmed that I need to turn off Bluetooth when using the RS for phone calls. Since doing that, the RS stays connected.

You are right, it is the iPhone mic that picks up my voice, not the RS.

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