Roger Select and Marvel/KS9 problem - any ideas?

I’ve been using a Roger pen successfully with my Roger Direct aids (I transferred the 2 Roger licenses from 2 Roger X receivers), so was not expecting any problems with using a Roger Select. However, having connected the Select to my aids, getting the green light and the successful connection beeps, I now have a problem. When I turn on the Select, I get a beep in my aids, and can see the Roger program in my phonak app, but as soon as I chose the Roger program it just goes back to the Automatic program? The Select works just as it should with a Compilot when I tested it with my old b90/Brio3 aids. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

Is the Roger Select selected in target?

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No, I didn’t do anything in Target yet. With the Pen, I just connected it and it worked - do you think the Select is different?

Oops, my bad…I just had to turn the Bluetooth off on the Select and it connects just fine.