Roger Select and Marvel/KS9 problem - any ideas?

I’ve been using a Roger pen successfully with my Roger Direct aids (I transferred the 2 Roger licenses from 2 Roger X receivers), so was not expecting any problems with using a Roger Select. However, having connected the Select to my aids, getting the green light and the successful connection beeps, I now have a problem. When I turn on the Select, I get a beep in my aids, and can see the Roger program in my phonak app, but as soon as I chose the Roger program it just goes back to the Automatic program? The Select works just as it should with a Compilot when I tested it with my old b90/Brio3 aids. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

Is the Roger Select selected in target?

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No, I didn’t do anything in Target yet. With the Pen, I just connected it and it worked - do you think the Select is different?

Oops, my bad…I just had to turn the Bluetooth off on the Select and it connects just fine.


because my ks9 sometime could not receive my voice well during the phone call in windy or noisy environment.
may it is possible using roger pen or roger select during phone call ? so i can take the mic of roger or roger select close to my mouth to make the voice clear for the other end.