Roger Pen and micro usb audio input

I should say that mine is an On, not an On iN. But I don’t think the difference there makes a difference for your purposes.


I just watched a Youtube video where Dr Cliff walks us through the Roger On iN device. It appears that this is a 2-step process that requires: 1.) a physical Roger X-Receiver to be installed into the Marvel (or Paradise) HA, and 2.) a software installation of the Roger Receiver. Perhaps a 3rd item needed is the MyRoger On iN app that runs on a cell phone. According to Dr Cliff, that phone app has done fine - UNLIKE the MyPhonak app that has everyone marching with pitchforks to the Phonak Castle!

Even so. This is a kind of daunting step for me to consider. I can’t fathom ANY audi knowing the intricate ins and outs of the Roger On iN device, its actual use and hookups needed. It’s just a whole different animal than sitting a person down for an audiogram and then ordering some aids pre-configured with settings based on the audiogram.

The Roger devices are pretty expensive, too … way more than the $120 I paid for my Phonak TV Connector. But I’d probably justify it saying unless we remove the gigantic media room TV from the wall and replace it with a table-top version with access to the REAR of the TV, I could use the Roger On iN mic to just point at the big TV as it sits right on the wall.

Famous last words?

You either need the Roger On iN to install the licenses OR a Roger X receiver with serial number of 1744 or later. You don’t need both.

Super simple to install the licenses. You could easily do it yourself. You Tube have videos on how to do it.

I have phonak Audeo P90R HAs and the mic was shipped to me. I was able to pair it to my HAs almost exactly like the tv connector. I don’t know if my HAs were special, or what. It just worked.


So first I’d need the physical Roger X Receiver (serial # >1744) to be put in my Marvel aids. Then I could use some kind of pin device to manually pair my aids to the Roger On iN myself with no visit to an audi to install any sw license or somesuch?

It sounds like your Phonak Audeo P90R aids HAD the physical Roger X Receiver in them already then? I have some Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids, but Dr Cliff said in the video that only Marvel and Paradise aids work with the On iN - and even those aids would require the physical Roger X Receiver to be inserted inside the case of the aids. Unless I completely misunderstood that?

Augh. Sometimes I feel like I’m told to fly a rocketship with the help of some Youtube videos and this and that. It still seems kind of complicated to me as to how I’d get my Marvel aids to work with a new Roger On iN device.

OR a Roger X receiver. You don’t need both.

Both install the licenses in to your Aids.

Easier just to get a Roger On iN and transfer the licenses yourself.

License = receiver.

The Roger X receiver isn’t physically installed into your Aids, there isn’t room.

This machine is used to transfer the licenses from Roger X receivers into your Marvel.

Look at my previous You Tube link on how to install the licenses.

EDIT - at the bottom of these Aids are the Roger X receivers. Can you see how big they are? They won’t fit in your Aids.

Ok I think I’m catching on! That little physical receiver is NOT needed. But I do need to get the Phonak Roger device pictured above (black, round disc). Once I get the Roger On iN device, I’d just do exactly as the short video instructs to install the sw license in my aids.

I can now CLEARLY see how the physical receivers plug right onto aids.

Thanks for hanging here with me as I muddle through it all.

Yes that’s it. Glad you understand how it all works.

The black round disk is not needed if you get the Roger On iN device. The black round disk is for installing licenses from Roger X receivers into your Aids.


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OK, that makes it even easier then. I just heard back from my audi across country … no surprise he doesn’t know how/if the Roger On iN would work with my TV and Marvel aids. At least he got the Marvels repaired and soon they’ll be back in my grateful EARS. Baby steps… :wink:

Maybe the VA HAs come with the licenses installed already? I dunno. It just worked.


What about pointing the Partner Mic at the TV? It’s cheaper.

I was in hospital and left my Phonak Remote Mic (old version of the Partner Mic) near the TV and it worked perfectly.


Ok. That IS intriguing!!! The Partner Mic is typically clipped onto a person that I’d want to hear streamed into my aids. Very clever placing this device by the TV for instant streaming - no muss, no fuss! Unlike the Roger Pen, it requires no other device that I can detect … maybe a charging station, but that’s about all, right?

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As I mentioned earlier, Roger Pen has 3 modes, not just presenter mode when it is clipped onto someone.

Charging of PartnerMic is done via a USB-C cable connected to “wall wart.”

It is quiet confusing.
My understanding is that the Roger On works with Paradise and Marvel.
If you get a Roger on iN you don’t need a roger X receiver for both Paradise and Marvel.
If you get a Roger on iN you will most likely get a docking station (shown above), which you can plug to the TV and dock the Roger on iN into it, so the sound from the TV is transmitted to the HA via the Roger on iN, (the Roger on iN should be docked into the station, no reason to point to the TV, as the sound from the TV travels through the cable to the docked Roger on iN).
Is this right?

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I think you’ve got it right, however @1Bluejay was saying that the back of their TV is not accessable so can’t plug audio connector in.

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From your write-up you shouldn’t be confused, I agree 100%. And I agree with MDB, because of @1Bluejay situation, plugging it in to ‘his’ TV will be complicated… May I just say @1Bluejay if you can get the TV off once to get a lead in, go through the trouble of getting in there once will save all the future hassles. I sure you could find a few strong neighbours to help you out once.


My point was to get the mic back far enough that it could gather up both speakers. You’ll collect some noise, too, along with that. But if you CAN’T get to the back of the TV…