Roger Pen and micro usb audio input

I have a Roger Pen which works well with my Phonak Audeo P90 aids.
If I plug it into the base and connect an audio plug, it will transmit the audio source sounds to my aids.
If I plug the audio cable into the end of the Roger Pen (a micro usb connector?), I do not hear the music/audio source. Roger videos show that the audio source can be plugged into the base or directly onto the Pen end.
Any tips or experience? I’d like to use it with a stethoscope, but would like to avoid holding onto the charging base.

Is the audio cable you plug into the Pen, from Phonak?

I tried to get a longer cable to bought one off Amazon but it never worked. So far I can only get the short Phonak one to work.

I’m using a generic cable.
I can’t get the phonak cable to fit into my audio device. The housing is to large diameter. I’ll try testing the phonak supplied cable on my laptop to see.

Do let us know :slight_smile:


What do you mean the housing is too large diameter? The audio connection? 1/4in and the Roger Pen adopter is 1/8in. is this what you mean?

The Roger cable has a micro USB and a 1/8 in audio jack end. When I stick the 1/8" end into my thinklabs one stethoscope port, it won’t go in all the way. The fat rubber coated base (where you put your fingers to hold it) hit up against the stethoscope housing. Only audio jacks with a slim base will fully insert.

I get it. You could get an audio extension cable that has a smaller head that will fit into the stethoscope jack or make one from a set of headphones/earpiece that work with the stethoscope.

Or modify the Roger Cable, sand down the rubber just enough to fit.

I think so. Ive tried some extension things so far, but there must be a cable that will work. If the phonak supplied cable works on my PC, I’ll shave that sucker down.

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Both my Pen 1.1 and Select will stream from my stethoscope and laptop if plug the audio jack into the charging base. Neither will stream directly with the micro USB port using two different micro USB cables. I can’t imagine there is something that special about the micro USB cable… Hmph. Maybe when I see my audiologist next month she will have a cable to try.

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QUESTION: Can anyone here tell me if I could get a Roger Pen that would work with both my Phonak Marvels and the older Audeo B-Direct aids? If so, would I be able to just set the Pen up on a coffeetable and point it at the TV to stream audio to my aids? I ask because there is a wall-mounted TV in our house that sits so close to the wall that I can’t hook up a standard TV Connector with it.

Any advice here would be MOST welcome!


You would need to get a Roger On iN or Roger Pen iN to work with your Marvels.

I’m unsure if the B Direct also works with Roger Direct. I don’t believe it does.

EDIT - You would have to get a Roger Neckloop to work with your B Direct Aids.

Thanks for your quick input here Zebras! I found the Roger Pen manual online and ACK! It also appears that if I want to point it at the TV or use a neckloop with the TV I’d need to plug something into either the headphone jack on the TV OR get some kind of audio cable plugged into the BACK of the TV. DANG AND BLAST!!! Why do TV makers put all the inputs in back? The big TV in our media room I’m trying to stream with is simply sitting ON the wall as a big oil painting would do. There’s no way to lift it away, up or off the wall and plug any cable in.

But I’d always thought that folks took their Roger Pen to dinners at restaurants, put something on the table, then pointed it at whomever’s speaking? Am I missing something here? I just want to point something at the Big Dumb TV in my media room and have the audio from it stream into my aids.

You could get a longer lead or extention to connect the TV connector in?

The problem is getting at the BACK of the TV where the audio cable needs to be plugged in. It’s like a 60+" screen hung on the wall. No way to pry it off and plug anything into the back of it. It would be heavier than a TOMBSTONE to move. So any device that requires any audio cable to be plugged into the BACK of a TV is not going to work here. I may be out of options …

Some shows have CC, but not DVDs, older movies, other channels, etc., It’s a real mixed bag.

You can… as the manual will tell you, the default setting is in auto switching mode (omni, pointer, presenter) depending the placement/direct the pen is pointing. therefore, when you place it on a table it will automatically switch into omnidirection (no need to point at whoever is talking). But, you can manual switch between modes (in a cycle), so can force it to be in presenter or pointer mode while being on a table and so on.

Also as @Zebras mentioned, The new Roger On iN mic is way much better choice than the Pen (and I think now superseed the Pen)

OK. Maybe this could work out for me? It’s confusing cuz a page from the Roger On iN manual shows the docking station has a 3.5mm port for analog and optical digital (Toslink) audio input, too. Would it be necessary to have a hard wire cable from the docking station to the TV?

If so, that’s how my current Phonak TV Connector works - by actually having the volume/on/off Connector plugged into the TV directly (as well as a power outlet).

I’m hoping you’re saying that I can have my Marvel aids paired & connected with the Roger device and then - with NO cables needing to connect the Roger docking station to my TV - I would just point the mic at the TV screen across the room and the audio would stream into my aids. Is that correct?

Plugging it in would be best. But pointing it at the tv should work. Maybe lock it into pointer mode and position it on a pillow or something pointing at the tv. If the TV is really wide and you are comparatively close, the speakers may be farther apart than the angle of pointer mode will support. I’d use locked table mode and deselect sectors to get mostly tv coverage. Hope this helps…


Hm that’s an idea right there. It’s a HUGE TV and the sound comes out of speakers placed to the sides of the TV as well as a subwoofer thing right under the TV. It would be worth trying this device to see if I can focus the audio a bit … better than my current situtation with my not being able to connect the TV Connector to the back of the TV screen.

I’d need to hurry up and decide cuz my aids are 3,000 miles away being serviced by my dear old audi. Since moving cross-country just a couple months ago, I haven’t even sourced a local replacement audi. Then my Marvel aids DIED and my old audi just had me Fed-X them to him.

Crazy times we live in LOL!

Hey! I guess my request to the gang here is: if ANYONE has this Roger On iN device, can you unplug the docking station from your TV, then see if just the mic device works when it’s pointed at the TV? Oh to have a Mad Scientist’s laboratory right here and try it myself. I have no Roger device tho…

I have one and use it in similar ways quite often. Mine didn’t come with the dock.

Before I was hooking it up the the FM receiver in church, I would position it on a book on the pew cushion and aim it at the speaker at any given time. It is very versatile and useful. It seems tuned for voice. I’m not so happy hearing music through it. But for speech it does quite well.

For the price, if this were your only use, I think I’d find a way to hook a cable up to the back for the TV Connector though.