Roger Pen and a CROS hearing aid


I’ve been trying the Roger Pen for quite sometime. My audiologist keeps adjusting and adjusting it, but nothing seems to be working. He thinks it’s because I have one hearing aid and the other is CROS, so the pen is only picking up one microphone in one ear.

Has anyone experienced this? I still have time to return it.



I am also a CROS user. I am nearing the end of my trial. I am still having trouble hearing on my bad side especially in restaurants. I was wondering if the Roger pen (or something similar) would help? Are you having good luck with your aids? I was also curious if I only used an aid in my “good” ear and used a pen would make a difference?



I tried the Roger Pen for trial and it didn’t work for me. The audi thinks it’s because I wear a CROS. I was disappointed it didn’t work. I didn’t seem to make much difference in sound plus I didn’t like the idea of carrying it around and pointing it at people. Plus putting it on a table did nothing. But, everyone’s hearing is different and I see your good ear is better than mine, so it may work for you.
The cost was a factor and for that I expected perfection.

I’ve read the Roger Pen works wonders for a lot of people, but not for me. If I were you I would try it for a free trial, what-the–heck and just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

What brand of hearing aid do you wear? I’ve decided to buy the Phonaks Audeo B90 213. I like the option of the extra volume switch. Also, the range of hearing is much broader than my Phonak Nadia.



Also, forgot to mention my audiologist can adjust the volume on my CROS if it’s too low or high.

Maybe check with your audi about getting the volume higher.

I take a glass of water with ice cubes and shake it on my good ear then to compare shake it on my Cros to make sure the volume is the same.



I am trialing the Phonaks Audeo B90 rechargeable.



I hope you like them. Mine is not rechargeable. I like the idea of carrying extra batteries in my purse in case I’m detained somewhere.

These hearing aid batteries last from 12-15 days, I was surprised.

How do you like the switch or as they call it, rocker switch?



Sorry this happened. Roger Pen can be great, unfortunately, your service provider couldn’t figure it out. What they should have done is contacted Phonak or sent everything into Phonak to be inspected, paired and explained.



Well, I don’t think I will try again. Thank you. My provider did say he doesn’t sell many, so probably didn’t know much.