Roger Pen 1.1, with 2 x Roger X receivers…

I thought I had binned my Roger Pen 1.1, turned up at the bottom of a “Laptop Case” whilst looking for something else…. I believe, I last saw it approximately 3 years ago. So yesterday, I asked my wife to wear it (on the lanyard) when we were going out to walk the dogs. Now I am acutely aware, I have been belittling of the Roger Pen 1.1 on previous posts on this forum, my apologies for that! Trying the pen out was an eye opener to say the least, but with certain limitations, connection will drop out, if I was behind my wife, level with her was good, and slightly ahead was indeed excellent up to approximately 20 feet away, sound quality when connected was excellent…. In mitigation, my previous experience’s with the Roger Pen were somewhat flawed, I only had 1 x Roger X Type (03) at the time, so any transmission was one sided, into my right aid, and my good ear…. With 2 x Roger X Type (02) licenses activated, it was indeed night and day in comparison, very clear and concise…. So you definitely need 2 x Roger X licenses activated before you can reap the benefits of the Roger Pen! Cheers Kev :wink:


Yes the Roger Pen 1.1 was much better on the lanyard compared to pointing and table mode.

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Good! I have all the Roger stuff, except the new On, and if I would rank them from best and most useful to least my pens would at the bottom of the list. But, the pens are still great, wonderful, and useful. And, cheap on Ebay.


Yeah @Zebras, on the lanyard, Roger Pen has a good quality sound…. My hearing tends to fluctuate between fairly good, and very bad, on bad days, much depends on the speakers voice, annunciation, and lip pattern, Roger ALD’s greatly enhance my listening environment…. Yeah @Psych1, like you, I have several Roger devices, 5 different types of Roger, plus 2 Spare Roger Inspiro’s, 3 in total :slight_smile: Roger On is perhaps the clearest? Cheers Kev :wink: