Roger on with landline phones

I have the PHONAK PARADISE AND THE ROGER ON. I have all the equipment such as the phone recording adapter. I’m only getting phone in left ear and not the right ear.
Using the roger on by it self and on my tablet in get streaming in both ears

Anyone have this problem?


@kevels55 or @tenkan might know?

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Sorry @Zebras, I have never encountered @rxscott63 problem… Cheers Kev :wink:


Ah hang on, I had the same issue with my radio and my Roger. Pulling the cable out sightly on my radio made it go to both ears. I ended up taping the cord (audio cable) so it wouldn’t budge and stop streaming to both ears.

Have no idea why I have this issue tho.

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Yes I have the same problem with mine as well
It seems that the PHONAK charger may be damaged. So I ordered another one

I tried to tape with no success

Have you ‘Connected’ the Roger On with both HA’s? Using the connect button on the back. Must do the process with both HA’s (in my experience).

Hey i did as you suggested got it to work both ears. I think it is the base charger itself. So I had my aud order a new one
Let’s solve this together since no one else seems to do so
Regards scott
My cell is 5619516849

I believe the Roger On is capable of stereo. That means the plug for the charger base you plug your external audio source into needs a stereo plug, one that has a tip, ring, and sleeve connection. A phone is monaural, so unless you connect the signal to both channels, you will only hear it in one ear. Kevels55 pulled his plug out slightly, probably feeding the signal into both channels without really knowing that he was doing that. To hear a monaural source in both ears, you will need a cable that connects the source to both channels before it goes into the On’s charger base. I know that was probably clear as mud. Sorry.

Hey thanks for the reply. So the trx 20 phone adapter is mono. I got a stereo adapter so i can plug the phone adapter into the stereo adapter and i get the same results only left ear and if i pull out a little i get both ears. How can this be solved>>

I had exactly this issue. The only way to solve is to tape the cord a little bit out of the plug. Can’t find another solution.

Got to a hobby electronics store (or from eBay) and get Stereo to mono adaptor.
Like this.

3.5mm Mono Plug to 3.5mm Stereo Socket Adaptor | Jaycar Electronics