Roger On …no stereo only mono

I had an issue with my (new, replaced under warranty) Roger On. Everything was in mono. I went a bit crazy trying to figure it out. I asked the DIYers if there was a way or tool to configure it, thinking that there must be a bit flipped to make it mono, I want to flip it back. Called the Phonak BT help line this morning. 2nd tier audiologist helper didn’t know. Looked online for a while as I was on hold. When she came back, the only thing she had to offer was to delete all associations. Hold the “connect” button (chain link button on the back) for 8 seconds. That did it. When I paired the HAs again, stereo. Lovely stereo.

Putting this here in case it might help someone down the way.



@WhiteHat Thank you :+1:t2:


you should change the title to “Roger On …no stereo only mono”
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This is great! I’m going to save the info for later as I am also contemplating some Roger On devices.