Roger Multimedia Hub

I keep seeing posts about how good the Phonak TV Connector is.

I’ve decided to have my own for my TV, I bought myself a Phonak Roger MultiMedia Hub. The battery lasts 12 hours and it connects to my Hearing Aids automatically.

(Think the only difference is that I believe the TV Connector streams in stereo? Where’s the MultiMedia Hub is mono.)

Zebras, Can you give us an idea of how much you have had to spend on Rogers?

  • No optical input
  • Mono streaming
  • Requires 02 receiver
  • Can only stream to other hearing aids with Phonak Roger receivers (TV connector can stream to other Marvels without Roger receivers installed)
  • No on board volume controls
  • Typically more expensive

I paid $99 for my MultiMedia Hub.

I then paid $79 for my receivers. :slight_smile:

Are we talking about the same devices?
Here’s what I see pricewise on HearingDirect.:

I bought all mine on eBay.

Wouldn’t be able to afford brand new stuff.

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Good tip! A few follow-up questions:
Would these extend the usefulness of a Marvel or KS9, in for example in a restaurant setting, which is where all hearing aids, even the latest models, still seem to fall down in performance?
Or maybe it would be helpful if you could tell us which Roger models you acquired and what you use them for?

The Roger won’t work with the KS9 unless you use a MyLink. The Roger will work with the Marvel.

The Roger would definitely help in a noisy environment, altho I’ve just had my Speech in Noise program adjusted and it’s pretty good, it gives me the clarity in noise that I was getting with the Roger.

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Thanks for your followup!

I bought a Roger Hub to listen to the radio all night (about 8 hours each night) with my Roger Focus in my right ear.

I’m very impressed with the battery life as I can get two whole nights of listening to the radio before I have to charge it.

The Phonak website says battery lasts 10 hours so I’m not too sure why I’m getting two full nights of usage but I’m not complaining. :smiley: