Roger devices on Kirkland 10.0 Aids

Will non-Kirkland microphones, TV Steamers and such work with the new Kirkland hearing aids.

Yep. They will. They packaging and devices they have sold which I’ve seen for the streamer look exactly like my Phonak streamer.


Yes, I bought a Phonak streamer on Ebay and it works perfectly on my KS10’s. After Costco said it probably would not! The older Phonak unit without the volume control buttons may not work but the newer model is just the same. The older model is also silver and the newer is black with volume buttons on the top.

Generally, yes, but since you included Roger in your subject line, do know that you will need a Roger iN device with receivers OR buy Roger X receivers and an installer. Also know that Costco is not going to help you with this stuff.

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My Roger On In works perfectly with my KS-10 HA’s.
In fact, I just had my KS-10’s repaired, and when I got them back, my Roger On In was still paired with them, even though the internal electronics were replaced with new modules, AND the Costco fitter had installed a firmware update when I picked them up following repair. My guess, BTW, is that they effectively “copy and paste” the user settings into the new electronic modules.

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You do not need their assistance. Pairing is pretty straightforward with the myRogerMic app.

Depends on one’s expectations and one’s ability. None of this stuff is all that hard but much of the forum is taken up by people not being able to make their phone work. People have been quite upset buying a non iN microphone and then finding out they need Roger X Receivers. Just trying to warn people to do some research.


Hello, I have tried to find the Roger On In here in the US but I’m having a hard time finding any for sale. Does anyone know where I could find one of these units in the US? Thanks.

How are you trying to purchase? Any audiologist that sells Phonak hearing aids should be able to order one. They’re also available on EBay.

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