RITE custom mold (local design or Manufacturer design?)

Are there any benefits for ordering a RITE custom mold from the manufacturer, for example (Oticon Custom molds) or should I get them designed locally? :confused:

Maybe I could ask this in a different way. What is the usual source of RITE custom molds? Is it the manufacturer or is it some other lab used by the audi?

I’m wondering how much I should trust statements from the manufacturer’s brochures regarding custom molds.

I’m just curious: What are the statements that you are reading about earmolds?

Due to my profound-severe, I wear canal molds with no vents made of hypo allergic materials.

It’s here (Oticon Custom molds). They seem to know all about canal locks for retention problems and other things like that. Makes me wonder who is the authority on custom mold design. My local audi and his/her lab or the manufacturer’s lab?

I have custom moulds made by Phonak and they appear to be exactly the same as those in your Oticon brochure. I am not happy with them and would like to try an alternative.


Thanks for your reply Gilbert. I’m guessing it comes down to the Audi’s experience as to how much occlusion is needed per your hearing loss.

Correct me if I’m wrong but the point of using custom molds for a RITE (Receiver In The Ear) is to produce more occlusion (except maybe for things like retention problems or vanity).

I have custom molds for my Audeo YES IX’s that were made by Westone. My audi did not ask my opinion, she just ordered them directly for both the Audeo YES and for the previous pair of Siemens Pure’s that I had trialed. With the Pure’s, the custom molds were ordered to eliminate the constant feedback squealing I was getting from one side that she could not eliminate no matter what she tried. They worked great in that respect, and felt just fine, no discomfort issues. When I decided to trial the YES IX’s, which I ended up keeping, she just went straight to the Westone custom molds again, ordering a new pair as the receiver was different. I have been wearing them daily from as early as 4am to as late as 11pm without any issues or discomfort since about February of this year.

pvc, because of my loss, particularly at low frequencies, my audi put me straight into a power mould. To amplify the low frequencies I need the canal to be almost completely occluded. Because the moulds were not fitting properly, we moved to a canal lock and what I have now looks just like the Oticon “Power Mould Lock”. My problem with this is that it feels like a great big piece of plastic stuck in my ears. It is not uncomfortable but it constantly feels as if it is coming loose. However, I have absolutely no problems with feedback.

Neilk, I believe that your Westone moulds are soft, which must help them to stay fitted. My audi never explored third party moulds for my Phonak HA’s. Maybe they are not readily available in Canada.


westone has micromold with a canal lock which helps with retention issues