RITE aids without domes: bad idea?

I’m currently trialing Oticon DesignRITE aids, but I’m having trouble with ear comfort. Even with the smallest 6mm domes, they bother my ear canals after a few hours. My audiologist tried removing the little ear lock from the receiver to reduce its diameter, which felt better with small domes but didn’t keep the receiver in place properly. Bigger domes were uncomfortable.

So then he suggested I try the aids with the ear lock but without any domes. That has been comfortable so far, but I’m a little concerned because Oticon docs warn not to do this.

Does anyone else wear open aids with no domes? Any other ideas for making my DesignRITEs more comfortable with domes?

A couple years ago I trialed Kirkland KS5 and didn’t have this problem. Are Oticon receivers unusually large? I really like the sound on the DesignRITEs, so I’m hoping I can make them work, but obviously comfort is critical.

really? you need a new AuD.

You can get a custom earmold that’s essentially open-fit. For example, Westone makes a skeleton mold with the lower portion of the canal tip removed. It’s called style 89-12.

I had one patient who wore his aids without a dome. As long as you’re not getting feedback and they’re comfortable, it shouldn’t be an issue.