Ringtones and Alert Tones

I’m really not happy with the selections of ringtones and alerts to stream to my hearing aids. I have an iphone. I did find one harp sound on itunes which I downloaded to use as my ringtone. I can’t seem to find a nice calm tone to use as an alert sound. Right now I use a swish sound set on low volume.

Does anyone have suggestions for tones to use when streaming to hearing aids?

Zedge is what I’ve used for ringtones. They have a great selection of ringtones and alerts that can be used with any smart phone.

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I’ve used Zedge for years on my Android but I haven’t figured out how to get the tones onto iPhone. I need Zedge for iOS for dummies I guess.

ZEDGE App for Android and iPhone, iPad and iPod for iPhone

As I mentioned above, I’ve used the app for years. I had android until I got my hearing aids. I’ve tried to use itunes to sync the Zedge ringtones and I gave up. If anyone can explain the steps, please do. I consider myself fairly intelligent and this particular task seems to be beyond my comprehension. I’m sure I’m doing just one thing incorrectly. My husband still has an android and we download Zedge ringtones all the time. That’s all he uses. Also I noticed that the actual Zedge app doesn’t seem to have as many tones as using just the Zedge website.