Ringing in Ear with Hearing Aids on


I think I can get ringing in my ears with and without my hearing aids on. Can someone who has hearing loss can get ringing in my ears while wearing hearing aids on?


Tinitus is there no mater what. It’s nerve damage, it sucks, it may go away, but after a while your stuck with several cicadas ringing at B flat. Cut other stresses in your life. Be happy.

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Dave is right, tinnitus is there no matter what. I have severe tinnitus and a moderate-to-severe loss. I’ve read articles that say that a good pair of hearing aids should reduce or mask the tinnitus. Unfortunately for me, because my tinnitus is louder than my hearing loss (my noise is not cicadas, more like a high-pitched dentist’s drill that never stops, never changes tone), and none of the hearing aid products that I owned or demoed helped ease my tinnitus.

I can get some relief with my Epoq Vs when I’m listening via Bluetooth streamer to mp3s stored on my cellphone. However, that relief comes with the dulling of all external sounds/conversations; co-workers have learned to gently touch me on my arm or flail theirs while standing in the adjoining cubicle to get my attention :slight_smile:

I read up on tinnitus recently. Apparantly there is a large amount of options available to cure tinnitus. Biofeed, stress and anxiety reduction, surgery, and prescription medicine have all been known to reduce and even eliminate the effects of tinnitus. Before this i was under the impression that tinnitus cannot be cured, but it seems there is hope after all.

After experiencing sudden hearing loss last December, I found myself profoundly deaf in L ear and moderately deaf in RT. On top of that I had tinnitus that is a combo of a pressure washer and a chain saw 24/7. I was fitted w/ Phonak Exelia HA and no tinnitus while wearing. I experienced much better results than I had expected from the hearing aids but my delight was to be short lived. I’m allergic to the silicone molds that fit in the ear to deliver the sound.:eek:

However, my experience might be a clue for others to try various brands and models before giving up on an answer for at least part time freedom from tinnitus. A different brand which is on loan does not cancel the tinnitus, nor does it give me the audio quality I require for enjoying videos or CD’s. In fact I can not understand the voices on various DVDs that we own and are accustomed to w/out subtitles to understand the words. Right now I’m stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place but that is a topic for different thread.

Tinnitus is worse when you are tired. Also, if possible avoid high doses of aspirin because that can cause tinnitus. I’d say get lots of sleep but I know it is difficult when you have all the noise in your ear/s. Sometimes the distraction of another audio source if you have any hearing at all w/out HA will help you drift off. For those who are capable of speech, read yourself a bedtime story out loud or even better IF you can sing, try singing yourself to sleep. No kidding, it helps. Biofeedback can also be helpful if you have a very capable instructor.

Neuromonic has a good solution for tinitus, best of all
it is not an instrument you wear… I have seen good results

I have been wearing Beltone’s new aid, the Reach, for 2 months now. I have had tinnitus for years now accompanying my high frequency loss and I am beyond excited that something has finally given me relief from the ringing! I have tried several different aids and have ordered maskers online, but the tinnitus breaker feature on these took away the ringing. I still occasionally get ringing when I get in bed and the aids aren’t in; I have thought about sleeping in them as you cannot hear the “noise” that is introduced because somehow they correlate it to your type of tinnitus, but I guess the batteries will go faster. I did my research before my purchase, and not too much was said about these aids so I sucked it up and bought them, and I must say they are worth every penny. I now know that the saying, you get what you pay for, is true.

[quote=LadyDoveFL][I]Dave is right, tinnitus is there no matter what. I have severe tinnitus and a moderate-to-severe loss. I’ve read articles that say that a good pair of hearing aids should reduce or mask the tinnitus.
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For me my Widex ak - 9 do

Ringing will not goes away ever.

I heard Cochlear Implant stopped the Tinnitus on some people and caused Tinnitus on others. :rolleyes:

I change the “listening program” on my HA to telecoil. I turn it down until there is just a soft “hum” in my ear. It seems to help the tinnitus. So does just using a HA, period. I fell asleep recently with my HA still on and the “humming” in my ear. When I really listened, it seemed like the tinnitus was gone or much improved.

I’ve heard (ouch) of some people whose tinnitus went away. So you never know.

I have had tinnitus in left ear for 20 years. I still have it even though I am completly deaf in that ear. I have tried everything and nothing has ever worked. I also have it in right ear with a profound loss in that ear and it is a totally different sound than the right side. You just have to get used to it if you can and live your life. Dont be fooled into anyone telling you that there is a “cure” for it. There is non as it is a nerve issue and it is actually the brain sending the noise not any part of your ear structure. ::mad:

I am soon to be getting aides myself and the ringing in the ears is a major concern to me. I am not making this up either but my ringing takes the form of music playing in the other room, and usually it is the theme song from “I Love Lucy” i mean the whole thing right up to the crescendo, it is usually when I am working in a quiet room, and there is no other sound, I am wondering how this will be impacted with the aides… I am looking at the Cobalt’s from Costco but we will see, fter my evaluation. I am not hearing musci now…
I also hear a “fairly loud quack” once in a while normally when I am walking… it’s not constant but it’s funny sound like the Aflac duck… it once or twice then gone… I was thinking its a muscle twitch… any way I will give the group my impressions and expereinces with both the aides. Costco and the changes in my muscial selection.

I’m going to have to disagree with the statement that tinnitus never goes away.

I have Tinnitus, probably mild, and with my last HA’s it didn’t make any difference.

However, I just got fitted with Phonak Audeo IX’s and didn’t expect any difference on that front, just better hearing.

A couple of days into using them I was sitting in a quiet situation and suddenly realised what I WASN’T hearing anymore…

My tinnitus!

I can still “pull it back” to some degree if I think about it hard enough (which I think is kind of weird). But now, I’ll put my HA’s on as fast as I can in the mornings just to get rid of it. In the past I wouldn’t bother if I was just going to be alone and not talking to anyone.

I’m really pleased with the HA’s, but this was a “bonus” I had not expected

Have you or anyone else heard that synthroid will cause tinnitus. I am hyperthyroid and have been taking synthroid for, well, a long time. An individual who is an HIS and a audioprosthologist told me that synthroid is very significant in causing tinnitus and that it will only get worse as the years go by…

I’m discouraged about the tinnitus because I have not obtained any reduction with HA’s and the synthroid issue, if true, is a real downer…

The tinnitus will never go away unfortunately, it can be masked with certain hearing aids and tinnitus maskers. There are ways however of reducing the tinnitus such as reducing stress and disposing of the caffeine from your diet (it agitates and worsens the Tinnitus). And to answer the Pman; Synthroid can cause high anxiety which can worsen tinnitus, but as far as I have researched, synthroid does not cause hearing loss.

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I have tinnitus 24/7 ringing and static noise. I’ve been wearing my first pair of HA’s for about 1 week now and the tinnitus is much less noticable now. I did not know what to expect, so I am pleasantly suprised.

So it’s been 1 month now wearing HA’s and things have changed a bit. The first week I barely noticed the tinnitus at all. Now I hear it again and although it seems less loud as before, it’s still something i hear. Dang it!