Right Ear Blues

Dear Group,
I need help. I began losing hearing in my right ear about 2 years ago. I have always had a lot of wax buildup in the winter, so I thought I was just “clogged”. After extensive cleaning, I still couldn’t hear very well. So I tried nose spray, thinking I had some sort of cold. Still no help. At this point, I went to an ENT, who said everything was fine. But since I still was having so much trouble hearing, he sent me for a CT scan. CT scan looked fine too. I went to another doctor who said that my eardrum is a little wrinkled, but that that can happen when people get a cold (I was not confident in either doctors’ assessment.) So here we are- my hearing seems to be getting worse and worse. I can still hear out of the right, but not very well. When there is excess noise or background noise, I find it impossible to distiguish what I’m supposed to be hearing from the noise (and with twin babies at home, there is no shortage of noise!) It feels like I have cotton in my ear, but I can’t hear myself any better. (You know how when you plug your ears, you can hear yourself breathing and talking really well? It’s not like that for me on the right side- I just hear nothing.) And the worst part is, I think I’m going “tone-deaf” (if that makes any sense.) I’m less an less able to distinguish pitches any more. I can still sing alone, but if anybody joins me, I can’t hear myself well enough to know if I’m singing in tune. (This is especially bothersome at Church, where my job is to sing, and I just have no idea if I’m anywhere near the right pitch (though I don’t see anybody plugging their ears, so I guess I’m doing ok for now)). Also, the hearing seems to get even worse for a time whenever I pick up something heavy. Not sure if this means anything, but I figured I’d throw it out there. Does anybody have any idea what’s happening to me? because the doctors don’t.

Rdr Moses

I would advice to seek for a second opinion…

Did you get your hearing tested? If you decide to get HA, its important

to get your Dr approval…

Hi Reader Moses

I agree with xbulder that you should work with your MD, but it sounds like the ENT didn’t see anything “pathological” to cause your problems. I’d also suggest you contact an Audiologist for a hearing test. Some places will even do it for free. That will really tell you what’s going on with your hearing, and from the test results, they’ll help select a hearing aid that will work best with your individual loss. The open fit models are really comfortable, and virtually invisible, but if you have a severe loss, you might not be able to wear that style. So, go get tested and see where that takes you. My 2 cents.


if this is a sudden loss, this is something you should be concern

Reader Moses, If this is a sudden loss, and it sounds that way, it is considered a medical emergency. Why an emergency you ask? Because perhaps you can be put on medication that will help that hearing loss but it must be done quickly. Also, along with oral medication, a hearing test, perhaps blood work and an MRI will be in order through your ENT doctor.
Skip the Audiologist and get to the specialist/ He or she will have an audiologist usually in their office and the doctor will evaluate your loss from your audiogram and make recommendations from there. This is a medical emergency…it has happened to me.

Excuse me…I meant to add that my first ENT gave me decongestants and nose drops. It was two years later that another Dr. (otologist) enlightened me to the latest treatments for hearing loss. Perhaps you need a new dr. or go back and insist on further evaluation with your prior m.d. My best to you…let us know how you do.