We have discussed this topic before, but I do not believe it has come up recently. My original aids 15 or 20 years ago were BTE, but I have been in RICs with full open molds since that time. My audio keeps them pretty up to date. I know I miss a lot, but I hear speech reasonably well for everyday purposes. Music and TV (without a link) has never been great.

It’s time for new hearing aids. I wonder if I should consider going back to BTEs with thin or standard tubes and molds. I know they have improved the technology a great deal. I have read random comments that the BTE sound is fuller than RIC. Would appreciate your comments. Thanks.

I have in the past worn ITE hearing aids, and my new aids are the RITE aids with custom ear molds and I have never been able to hear this great before

With your hearing loss you should be able to wear most any style hear aid.
Slim tubes should work for you if you want to wear BTE aids.
RIC aids are nice too. They are very flexible for many hearing losses.
BTE are probably a bit more robust, more durable.

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I agree that RICs are fine but I’d like to try something different. I have had ITEs in the past, but I found them too occlusive. I’d like to hear from members, if there are any, who have switched from RIC to BTE (thin tube or standard tube) and have had a better experience. Ear molds are a given; nothing else works for me. Thanks.

Thank you. In theory, my loss is mainly high frequency so RICs should be best, and they work pretty well except for music. I’m hoping to get a fuller sound with BTEs, but maybe the only thing I can do is try them.

I would try them out. They are different and offer some great benefits depending on your hearing loss. What brand are you thinking of getting? Music is tricky with hearing aids depending on the way it is programed. Good luck with finding the right one.

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Not sure of brand. My RICs are Signia Pure 13 nX. I generally like Signia and Phonak, but I haven’t really followed BTEs. Do you have any suggestions? What is you hearing loss like? I don’t see your audiogram. --Steve

I do not post my audiogram. I have profound hearing loss in one ear and severe to profound hearing loss in the other ear. To add to the challenge I am almost totally blind now. So I have things to deal with. With that said there are a couple of hearing aids that come to mind. The Starkey Livio Edge bte is what I use now. I had the RIc but it was not powerful enough for my hearing loss. I really like the Edge feature. It also has a good app that changes programs. Like say for instance you are at ypur favorite restaurant and you make changes to your program it remembers where you did that. It also acts like a fit bit. It can be a bit pricey but I have tried others and that was one of my top choices. Phonak makes the Bolero™ Marvel. I wasn’t as happy with that bte. Those where the best in my opinion based on my trials of different ones. Also keep in mind the type of phone you have. I also encourage you to talk to the companies about any questions you may have they sometimes can recommend an audiologists who specializes in their brands and it in there best interest to make sure they are a good one. That how I found the one I use. I hope this helps you out. Good luck.

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Man, I admire your courage. With your degree of hearing loss, are you a candidate for CIs?

Yea but can’t afford the surgery. I will make due until I save enough. Thank you for sharing.

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Starkey just lunched a new Bte. You might want to check it the Edge feature is great. It is rechargeable too. Just an update.

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