RIC migrates out of my ear


I’ve solved the same problem with my OPN1’s. Kept slipping out. I haven’t had these very long and was driving me mad. My audiologist gave me size 8 double vent. He will probably kill me, but this is what I’ve done: I now have size 10 open domes. Of course these are too big for me! Each dome has 6 holes joined by a band at the bottom edge. I simply cut completely through the band beneath each hole (6 cuts). Since I did this they never move, are comfortable all day and the hearing is so much better and natural with more outside sound coming in. This may not suit everyone as all our hearing problems are different. But it works great for me. Hope this helps.


Just let your audiologist know as different type of domes may require reprogramming.


I have the same problem when I smile or laugh they move.



VERY interesting! Ken, can you elaborate on how the adapter for these attaches to the receiver? And is the process reversible if for some reason one doesn’t care for them?


I don’t know. There are so many versions it is confusing. I know from a past comment that someone used them with a RIC. You’d have to ask for such a model and insure that they make it for that brand.