RIC hearing aid and exercise... any suggestions?


I have receiver in the ear hearing aids and I want to exercise (run on the treadmill, etc.) without worrying about damage. I don’t like to remove them as I prefer to have sound even when exercising. I have hearing aid Sweatbands but are those enough for me to not worry?

Those sweatbands do offer protection against moisture for the outer case including the battery compartment which as with many hearing aids can be affected by moisture. It also protects the microphone.

However, the wire and receiver in the ear are not “shielded.” I use a Dry and Store every evening… should I be fine?

Thank you for any suggestions.

I take mine off when I exercise. I tried the sweatbands, putting my aids back on after my workout. The sweatbands and aids were soaked in short order as I continued to perspire after the workout, giving me no confidence that that was a viable solution. I listen to music on my iPod while exercising, and not wearing my aids is not an issue for me.

I take mine out. I spent way too much money to risk them getting ruined when I exercise

Thanks for your responses. It’s good to hear what people do. Yeah, I’ve tended to keep them on with the sweatbands but what you say is true - it’s so easy for the hearing aids to be soaked anyway!

I guess I might just exercise without them on so I don’t have to worry.

I have Phonak Audeo YES IX hearing aids and I have exercised with the Phonak microPowers just because the receivers on those are not fragile and I have less worry of receiver failure - although I’ve never had a failed receiver for any of my RITE hearing aids.

Right afterwards, I always put the hearing aids in my Dry and Store along with my Sweat Bands… I don’t know if it’s the case, but I just assume the dry and store’s UV light kills any bacteria that might be on the sweatbands.

I have the YES IX with the power receiver and work out in the gym. When I do, the aids go in a pouch in a bag my wife carries. They don’t go back on until I get dried off afterwards, or even until we get home if I keep sweating, as I do some nights depending on the regimen I do. They cost way too much and are way too important to me to take chances with them. Without them I’m virtually deaf. I use an MP3 player and ear buds during workouts which allows me to hear my music, or the TV’s in the cardio areas without problem.

Dry & Store is great. Also wipe your earmold with an anti-bacterial (baby wipe) cloth daily.