Rexton with iPod on iPhone

While I get my iPhone in bluetooth sync for phone calls, I am having trouble getting it to play the music from iPad. Could anyone list the steps to sync it?

I think you can only sync to one Bluetooth device at a time. Since you already synced it to your cell phone, you can’t sync it to your iPad (assuming the iPad has Bluetooth) unless you unsync it from your cell phone.

I did not mean iPAD…I meant iPOD. And I did mean the iPod APP on my iPHONE. Whew! So, it is already synced to the phone. How do I get the music to play?

You have one device then, the iPhone. If you are getting calls via Bluetooth then you are already paired to the device and the music should play. If not, t must be something on he HA side, not the iPhone.

It depends on your iPhone. The newer 3G and 3Gs and 4G version of the iPhone with the 3.0 OS or later supports A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) functionality. So you should be able to select the Bluetooth option in your iPod application and enable it. If you have the 1st gen iPhone (like me), it won’t work because the 1st gen iPhone doesn’t have the hardware to support it. Some people with older iPhones or iPhone versions try to trick it into working by going into voicemail mode to select the BT connection, then play music on the iPod app and it streams the music from there to the voicemail mode. It will also play through the speakers as well, but you can turn the speaker volume off if you want.

I have a jailbroken 2nd gen iPhone on 3.0.1 OS and I can’t get it to work for me, even via voicemail mode. If you have the newer iPhones with A2DP, it should work and the setup should be easy.

I got my Motorola Android to link phone and media to the TEK/RCU. Media being everything else non-phone.

Apple actually has it blocked, but you can download the app Soundhound (paid or free version) and go to settings for Soundhound and turn the bluetooth beta on. It worked like a charm for music.

I can play media through my iPhone 3G paired to my Tek, however phone calls are SO quiet! Phone volume is at max and Tek volume is at max. Do I get the audi to adjust channel 2 (BT) louder?