Rexton Trax 42 vs. Phonax Q 90

I have been to Costco for hearing test and am going back December 29 to order for my first pair of HAs. My choices are the Rexton Trax 42 or the Phonax Q 90.

Blue tooth for cell phone is critical.

I appreciate Costco’s program to trial out different HA but would like to make as good a first choice as possible.

I have learned so much about HAs since joining this Forum a few weeks ago. I would be grateful for any advice anyone may give me.

Also, would like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas!!


Ask your Costco fitter to program some demo units for you to try while you’re at the store. You might want to consider the KS6 as well; it’s priced notably lower than the Trax 42 and the Brio.