Rexton Trax 42 vs. Audeo V 70 312

Started to research HA and need Bluetooth capabilities. Have had two hearing tests so far (third one coming next week). Costco is recommending the Rexton Trax 42. The other provider suggested the Audeo V 70. Huge price difference - Rexton Trax 42 is 54% of the cost of the Audeo V 70. Will I be happy with the Rexton streamer?

I don’t know if you will be happy with it. It is older technology. It is a round device that is good bit bigger than a silver dollar that has a necklace that acts as an antenna. It does provide a cellphone and Bluetooth connection that allows hands free calling. It also has a cable plugin feature that others may lack.

I have the KS6 which is a small clip on device that function similarly but doesn’t accept a direct wire. I find it satisfactory.

Both will regulate volume, program, and call answering.

Thanks KenP, Could you please expand on the comment, “It also has a cable plugin feature that others may lack”.

An example would be running an audio cable from the earphone port on an appliance such as a TV or tablet to the unit which would then relay to the aids.

You want to take into consideration form factor and operating time of the streamers. Phonak Audéo V uses ComPilot II or ComPilot Air II. ComPilot II is a neckloop device with 24 hours of operating time; ComPilot Air II is a clip-on device with 4 hours. Rexton Trax 42 uses Smart Connect, a neckloop device with 6 hours. Also, Smart Connect and ComPilot Air II are half the weight of the ComPilot II.

Thanks KenP and rasmus_braun.

Appreciate all the advice on this forum.