Rexton Trax 42 and retainers

Very happy with my Trax 42 aids. But one question about the retainers (those funny plastic doohickies that help keep the aid from coming out). Both of mine broke after about 7-8 months. Costco gladly replaced them. One of the Costco people (somewhat snidely) said I “pinched” them. Comments from other users?

I had one break at four months. The folks at Costco seemed to think that this was normal. Is just plastic and gets fatigued. Easy to change and probably only cost a couple of pennies.
Glad you are enjoying your Trax 42!

Throw away the domes and pita locks… get custom molds.

I doubt that you did anything. I just had my one-year re-test and brought my HAs in with both doohickies broken within a day of each other, right before my appointment. My Costco HIS said these tails break off eventually with a lot of people, some within a month or so, others like me longer. Didn’t know the cause but theorized it could be the plastic stiffening and then breaking off. In any event, Costco is happy to replace them. Takes only a few seconds.

Mine broke within a few days of each other. Certainly is a boon to Costco, makes you stop and buy goodies before leaving.

Ask them for backups. They aren’t hard to replace. My Costco gave me an envelope of 10 or 12.

Need to lock the Pita Bread away at your place, Jakey? Pinna!

Concha locks. Cheaper if your Costco audi gives them to you. If you order these, you need the medium for Trax 42

You often seem to use English as a second language, Jakey. PITA would have that meaning Pita means something else. You are a cavalier user of the written word at best. As the brightest bulb on the tree here, you should set a better example.

They must cost Costco like 3 cents, too. I hope they’re not snarky with me about silly stuff like that. (Especially when they’re committed to replacing the receivers for 3 years.)

Well, that’s a different story :wink: