Rexton Strata 2C sound very strange compared to my Nitro CIC 16 I replaced

Update: The warbling was corrected with taking down feedback compensation, and other issues were tuned out. Pleased with performance.

Had a pair of Nitro 16 CIC for 5 years. Great sound quality, perfect.

The other day was fitted with a pair of Rexton Strata 18 2C. Sound quality is much different compared to what the Nitros were. The Strata’s sound really tinny and for example when my dog barks, sound very strange. Its like I am losing a lot of the frequency range of the bark. As my dog is barking and I turn the aids to a low volume, almost off, it still sounds weird, I wouldn’t even know it was my dog. With aids off and dogs bark coming through even without taking aids out, dog sounds normal indicating its not me, its the aids. Listening to the radio in the car is annoying compared to my Nitros. It seems like there is a lot of processing going on with loud sounds and the like also. A lot of drama in these compared to what I am use to.

Another weird issue is when I whistle or even press and hold a key on a telephone, I get a wobbling tone of that frequency, any volume. Best way I can explain it is if you ever tuned a guitar with harmonics, just before the two strings are in tune the frequency ripples. Aids out and I whistle, no problem. Why can’t they produce a clean tone ? With bluetooth audio its accurate, so something is with the processing from the mic. A note from a guitar string sounds fine. Maybe the aids don’t like anything but a pure clean sine wave and have a hard time processing it. Don’t understand.

Have to say the BT audio to the Strata is nothing but amazing. Deep base and great overall sound. I ran a signal generator test through BT from my smartphone on them and I can pick up 28 HZ ! Also useful is the fact I ran it through the whole range up to 8kz and I can tell where the settings are slightly off, not balanced, at certain freqs which willl have to be adjusted. Very useful application IMO for anyone that has HA’s.