Rexton Strata 18 2C intermittent

Have had these for about 2 months. Both aids become intermittent at times. What will happen is the volume will go down to about 10% instantly, only one side. Changing batteries is no help and I know its the aids because I pop in my old aids and my ears are ok. If I send bluetooth music through it is very distorted. Only thing that fixes it is to take the battery out, and let it sit for a bit, or just leave it in and it has a mind of its own comes back to life. Don’t move it around or anything sometimes, it just comes back to life. Happens about 1x a week. Kind of stinks for the $ paid. Have not seen audiologist about it yet,but it sounds like a design issue for sure.

When the hearing aids are subject to an impulse sound, I find they kick out for a while. Annoying. Its a design problem I am convinced because both left and right do it.