Rexton Soft Molds

Do the Rexton custom soft molds use a click system like their hard molds to keep them connected to the receiver? I was looking to get soft molds for my Costco Trax 42, but my HIS advised against it, saying that they have a tendency to slide off the receiver and remain in the ear canal when removing the HAs. I was made a set of hard molds instead, but am having trouble with them. Does anyone have any experience with Rexton’s soft molds, and do they stay in place well?

are you cleaning your molds between using your aids?

The problem started from day one. They are physically uncomfortable and tend to come out easily. I even tried different length receiver wires. Cleaning seems to make no difference. I did find out that Rexton makes soft click molds that can be ordered with canal locks. I’ll give these a try.