Rexton Smart Connect Bluetooth Sound for Trax 42 is soft

Bingo…doing searching on this forum about my smart connect issues…CoreyF , having the exact problems as you have so well described. Starting to question the worth of the smart connect.

Sorry for not updating my info and I want to share some of my experience with the custom molds and also the smart connect bluetooth necklace. I purchased a pair of custom made ear molds from Costco which the hearing aid specialist (HAS) inserted some type of putty into my ears to get the shape correct. It took about a week to arrive and when I wore it it sounded like I was under water all the time. The natural hearing was totally lost. I ended up returning them and went back to the open domes which sounded more clear and natural. I had a problem with the smart connect when I first got them as the sound was really soft and it sounded tinny. After going back for another check up, the HAS called the Rexton help center to help solve my problem. The Rexton help center guided her through the process to make the correct adjustments. It was all done on her computer and she had to set up the bluetooth portion and adjust the bass and treble. Now incoming calls sound natural and the volume is loud and clear. As for streaming music, the bass escapes out of my open domes and this is just how it is. It would be great if Rexton created a snap on ear bud similar to normal noise cancelling common ear buds. I think this would be a great add on for people who want to listen to music or to watch a streaming movie using their bluetooth Rexton Smart Connect. For now, I an quite happy with my hearing aids and enjoy the hands free calls using the smart connect. Hope this helps.\

How long does the charge on your smart connect last?

How long does it take to recharge your smart connect?

I’m finding both are wayyy short of what is needed.

You should have the option to have the adjust-a-vent where you can pick the vent size that works best for you. My molds were fit very deep and I picked the vent size that gives me no occlusion and good performance on feedback. The deep fit helps with occlusion too.

For the past four years I have been wearing Unitron Moxi hearing aids and using their transmitter and streamer. They worked very well for hearing the television. However, I was having trouble with softer female voices such as cashiers. Last week I purchased a pair of Trax 42s and got the Rexton transmitter and streamer. I am now having trouble hearing the television specifically higher pitched female voices. Think Bernadette on the Big Bang Theory. Now I miss quite a bit of what is going on during sitcoms. I can hear news readers, male and female fine. When I was in the store they had me test it with a James Taylor concert. I am going back tomorrow and see what they can do to adjust them. I did notice they gave me closed domes. My Unitrons have open domes.

actually, the problem is the program… as you naturally hear bass sounds, it doesn’t amplify it… so, the sound when u listen to music is very low… i’ve tried a new progfam to listen to musuc, but when I turn on the music the app gets back to auto program… I have the opposite loss, 8 hear high pitches normally and have loss in low sounds… so, my music comes like a subwoofer…
the only solution i can think of so far, is to put music listening profile in automatic and daily normal hearing as an extra profile … I’ll try that next time i go set my hearing aid