Rexton Revera vs. Oticon Vigo

First time user with mild to moderate hearing loss (old age high end roll off) and I’m looking for feedback on 2 units.The Rexton Reveras from Costco seem like a good choice because of the extended trial period (60 days)and Costco backed warranty.The Oticon Vigos from a different source are a little cheaper but the trial period is only 30 days and a 1 year warranty.
Anybody with any experience using these aids?
Any feedback would be welcome.

vigo is a newer instrument, it should have more features-
i would say it should be a better option and if u r choosing
bte the vigo should be smaller

I have been wearing the Rexton Revo since last August with success. I have had to go back many times for adjustments, however, my audi is very patient with me. This is the fourth time that I have tried hearing aids and first that I have kept. If I have to wear hearing aids, I love the BTE open ear; the others had been CIC and there is a world of difference in hearing being more normal with the BTE open ear. I tried Rexton Rivera first and then the Revo came out and I wanted to go with the newest tech that they had. Rexton is made by the Siemons company at a lower price. I would give them a try and go as often as you need for adjustments and if they do not work, get your money back. I still have trouble hearing at times, however, I am a perfectionist and need to live with the fact that nothing is going to make me hear as I once did. I have the remote and I like it as I can adjust the sound up and down and had the HA programmed so that I can take the sound all the way down if I want. Some will tell you that you do not want a remote; I really like mine. Best of luck and keep trying until you find what is right for you. :wink: