Rexton Quintra Premier rechargeable?

I will be picking up my Rexton Quintra aids on Thursday. I did ask the rep at Costco if they came with rechargeable batteries. She said no they did not. However reading through this forum, I am getting conflicting info. Can anyone tell me for sure?

It doesn’t come with rechargeable batteries, but it does support them. You have to purchase the batteries and charger separately.

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Bleedo, I am getting my Quintras next week. The Costco rep said he is including the charger/dryer free with the purchase. I assume the batteries will be rechargeable. He said he will be supplying me with standard batteries for back up in case I forget to charge or wear them longer than the rechargeable batteries last. Did you get the charger? Or need to buy rechargeable batteries?

A charger and appropriate battery was included in my order. I only ordered the remote.

I received my Quintras, rechargeable batteries and charger/dryer on Tuesday. So far, I like the rechargeable batteries and charger/dryer. He recommended that I NOT get the remote. He didn’t feel as though I would get much use out of it since the Quintras change programs automatically and it’s done so quickly it’s not noticeable. How has the remote worked out for you? Are you happy you invested in it? Not to be nosy, but what did Costco charge you for it?..assuming you got it there.

Don’t get the remote but get the MiniBlu for Phone, TV, Telecoil, iPhone audio, etc. It is a very versatile product.

I paid 1299 plus I think 87 for the remote. The programs on the remote, according to the Costco audiologist, are tailored to the person and the settings can be adjusted differently than the auto settings. The remote works fine but I am getting occasional feedback that sounds like chirps during certain beeping sounds (button presses on phone, back-up beeps in the car, microwave beeps when finished, etc.). Turning back the treble didn’t help and I have an appointment tomorrow and will ask him to look at the feedback controls as was suggested on a different forum.

I have had the Quintras for about 6 weeks and I am about to give up on the rechargeable batteries. 10 to 12 hours is tops and for the last few days much less that that. I got the batteries and charger free from Costco and will most likely return them for credit.

I got the remote and like it. When I am in a conference, presenting, as well as listening to others, I can change the volume discreetly ,without fishing for a button behind my ear. what is the advantage of the miniblu? I was given a choice of the remote or rechargable batteries, included in the price of $2,600 for the pair.

The Mini Blu is $399.99 at Costco. That’s the most accurate thing I can say about it. The following is based on my reading up on it…It is a blue tooth device that is a small remote/receiver and comes with a transmitter. Transmitter and receiver/remote then communicate with each other. Then the receiver sends the signals to the HA’s. You can attach a mic to the transmitter and to the person speaking. You can also buy more transmitters for your TV or Stereo that will stream sound to your HA’s through the receiver.
I received the charger/dryer for free with the HA’s. I went back to Costco later and ordered the Smart Pocket remote. $87 plus tax. I like the rechargeable batteries. They last all day for me.

Garybinga…Do you clean the HA’s terminals prior to charging? (Little gold dots on each side) I found it helps get a better charge. I have also removed and cleaned the batteries. Just use a dry soft cloth or tissue. Charge all night until the two charge indicator lights go out. (Middle one stays on all the time) I hope that helps. I don’t know that Costco will refund money on something they gave you.