Rexton & KS8 Smart Direct, Signia myControl App 2.3.6 version updates

I noticed a new icon show up on the bottom left of my KS8 Connexx Smart Direct app a couple of days ago. It seems to have come out in June, but only updated very recently (perhaps my iPhone settings…). The version update notes are:

The 2.3.6 Version provides besides improved bluetooth pairing a set of hearing lessons that helps the user to improve his hearing success.

The Signia myControl app update to this version is more recent at Aug 30, but makes no mention of the same changes.

In any case the new icon opens up what they describe as “Your Hearing Success”. It essentially asks a number of questions and does a rating for each. Does not seem too useful. Makes me wonder why they did it, and if the results of survey are sent to Rexton and Signia (if myControl has it too…)?

My MyControl app is version It was updated a few weeks ago. I’ve noticed no difference or change in how it communicates with the aids.

And no little icon in the lower left of the screen that kind of looks like a bar chart? Interesting that they keep the app revision numbers the same but the apps do not appear to be identical. My Smart Direct version is also

I have had some issues with Bluetooth connection that I hope this revision does correct. Losing the connection is not unusual or unexpected due to the location of the phone in my pocket etc. However, getting the pairing back can sometimes be quirky. Sometimes it is as easy as holding the phone close and the app indicates it is communicating again. Other times you have to tap on the warning icons that pairing has been lost, and that usually works, but then the next step is to request the app to repair. What really irritates me is that sometimes that does not even work, and it gives you message that you must have new hearing aids and that you have to do the iPhone pairing in MFi over again. I suspect that is a bug, as I never seem to lose that pairing. I do hope that quirk goes away, but it is too soon to know for sure…

I don’t have that icon either, and didn’t in the last version either. My connection to the app is fine, but the app takes a while to launch on my end. The only thing I’ve noticed is the app now remembers my volume settings each time I launch it, and the previous version did not. Bluetooth is still not 100% solid either. Maybe I’ll see a firmware update in the near future from Signia once iOS 13.1 is officially released next week since Apple uses version 5 Bluetooth and the aids are version 4. I know it is backwards compatible but Apple swears on 100% compatibility only if the device you’re pairing with uses the same protocol. It’s the pointing finger game between manufacturers.

I think that Rexton/Signia and Apple MFi uses BLE or low energy Bluetooth, and that is not dependent on Bluetooth 5. It is a confusing area… I believe my iPhone 7 will take iOS 13, but I plan to stay away from it until at least 13.2 or 13.3.

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MFi is short for Made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod and is Apple’s licensing program for developers and manufacturers. The MFi process spans hardware components, tools, documentation, technical support, and certification logos needed to create AirPlay audio accessories and electronic accessories that connect to iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

That in a nutshell is all MFi is, just a licensing program, either Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy, like our hearing aids, in other words it just means a product is licensed or certified to work with iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

iPhones can connect to either BLE, or regular Bluetooth devices, hearing aids just happen to be Bluetooth Low Energy instead of regular Bluetooth.

This info is straight from Apple.