Rexton Insite

Anybody have experience with the new Rexton Insite HAs. Jugging by the specs. I’d guess it to be based on the Siemens Life 700. 16 channel, 5 memory.
After 9 years of wearing my old ITE analog Starkey micro ears it’s time to get into the digital age.

Not familiar with the Rexton line of hearing aids per se, but I believe they are affiliated with Siemens. Siemens makes good stuff and I think has a good reputation in the hearing aid industry.

Good Luck.

Rexton is Costco. I’ve had Rextons (not "Insite as far as I know) since February. So much depends on the dispencer, and the guy I go to is patient and precise, so I’m happy.

Well I decided to order the Rexton Insite aids from Cosco Toledo Oh. The specs are very close to the Rexton Cobalt but available in an ITC model. Rextons are a Siemens value brand and I got a list of dealers in my area from Rexton if Cosco can’t help me.
$1399 ea plus $325 for the Blue Tooth kit. 36 mo warranty 24 mo damage or loss.
We’ll see I’ll hope for the best.

you should be ok

How are these costco insite aids working for you? Are they the CIC model? I am scheduled for a fit next month and am also fitting for a Starkey S series. I was quoted the same price as you at Costco and the Starkey S quote for one was $1800.00. The Starkey E series quote $1395.00 on sale and a 2 year warranty that also covers loss. Just would like some feedback from others with the Costco model. Your hearing loss is very similar to mine.

Thanks Sharon

Any reports back on these Rextons? I have a pair of Cobalts but it has only been a couple of weeks for me. I think so far so good.

I am using S Series 5, 70 days an had both instruments replaced due volume shifting and left unit “Squelch” issue, feeling of being off balanced.

Audi turned off all automatic settings in the new set, now I have feed back and a constant hiss, comprehension down in noisy environments.

May be just my Audi, but I am thinking of abandoning Starkey in favor of the Rexton Cobalt 16

Also keep in mind Starkey does not offer Blue tooth natively. So if external connectivity is a consideration for you Starkey may not be the best choice.

Dear Sir,
Is it the Rexton Gem 12’s you are speaking about that you bought at Costco under their name ,Kirkland??? At this moment i am on day 6 of testing the Gem 12’s and have an appt. with a Costco and hour and a half from me on the 29th as they are a pair for the price of just one through an independant dealer.

Kirkland is the Costco brand. Rexton is the company and the digital guts to the hearing aid is Siemans…Confused yet? Me to!

Sad to say I don’t know yet audiologist quit/fired ? before they arrived. I’ve been waiting for them to hire a new audiologist. Good news is the new audi called tonight and he’s trying to clean up the awful mess he had dumped in his lap. Maybe next week.