Rexton Incite+ vs. Siemens Motion S 101 or 301 vs. Oticon Ino or Ino Pro?

I had already had a test at Costco, where they suggested the Rexton Insite+ ($2600/pr.).

Today I had a test done by a “real audiologist” (AuD), with similar (but not identical) results, where they were pushing Oticon in general as a brand. Since they asked what price I was prepared to pay and I had checked the $2500 to $3500 box, they recommended the Oticon Ino ($3000) or Ino Pro ($3300). When I asked about rechargeable batteries, they suggested the Siemens Motion S 101 ($2600) or 301 ($3200), but the audiologist confessed to not being as familiar with the Siemens software. More expensive aids, she suggested, would work better in noisy environments.

The Oticon and Siemens she suggested seem to be comparatively low-level devices, whereas I understand that the Rexton Insite+ is top of the Rexton line.

Comments? Suggestions?

250Hz: R-15 L-15
500Hz: R-30 L-25
1KHz: R-35 L-30
2KHz: R-35 L-35
3KHz: R-65 L-65
4KHz: R-70 L-65
6KHz: R-75 L-70
8KHz: R-90 L-80

All I can tell you is I tried the Rexton Cobalt 16 at Costco and it had fantastic speech in noise ability. The Resound Future that I have now are probably better all around but not quite as good in noise as the Rexton’s, although with another adjustment or two and some more time to get used to them the Futures will probably be just as good.

My guess is the Insite has slightly better processing than the Cobalt but speech in noise ability is something that will have to be adjusted for you, probably several times, until it is just right, no matter which brand you go with.

What I didn’t like about the Cobalts is that I could not get an open fit with no feedback. It wasn’t terrible feedback but just enough to make me want to try something else. With the Future I have an open fit and no feedback. If had wanted to go with a custom mold I would probably still be in the Cobalts.

You can’t compare the price from a private practice to Costco and think you are getting less of a hearing aid because it is cheaper. Costco has limited brands, as most audiologists do, but they have some top of the line hearing aids.

Your Costco audiologist was not real?

Do not get hung up on degrees. I went through a 2 month failed trial of aids from a group of AuDs.

I am currently using an aid from a hearing aid fitter. Even before I returned for the first adjustment, it was much better than the AudDs were able to accomplish.

It is much more important to get a professional that knows their prodict and will work with you to get the sound you need. I had trouble convincing the AudDs I worked with that their aids were not programmed perfectly. In many circumstances, they were worse than my 7 year old aids.

Just my 2 cents worth.

I went to the “real audiologist” not because I wasn’t satisfied with the Costco test but because I need to have a recommendation from a doctor to get anything from my insurance co., and they referred me to the audiologist first so that the ENT guy can see what my hearing is like; I didn’t let on about the Costco test.

The Future has no T-coil option, which is important in this highly “looped” part of the country.

I was actually thinking that the Costco aid for $2600 was likely much better than a private-practice one for $3300.

I used the term “real audiologist” because many would argue that “my” Costco guy is not an “audiologist” at all (but I’ve read that some Costco stores do have AuDs),

That would be pretty cool to live in a highly-looped area.

I think the Insite has a BTE and ITE model with a t-coil, but also, the Rexton bluetooth remote device, the BLU RCU, has a t-coil.

Yes, no t-coil on the Future.