Rexton hearing aids-Costco information brochure

I wish the brochure did a better job describing the differences between the Quintra the Finesse and the Charismo. Is the Quintra a dual processor unit like the other two? As someone new to this whole hearing aid experience I’m confused about BTE aids. I’ve been told I should consider an open style BTE as it will make low frequency sounds seem more naturally. I’ve read about RIC, and I believe those are also BTE, but do those come in an open style? I’d also like to understand what is meant by domes and do open style aids have domes? If someone can point me toward information that explains this whole subject I’d be very appreciative.

The Quintra, Finesse, and Charismo all use the same processing chip. They’re all behind-the-ear, but the Quintra and Charismo are RIC (receiver in canal), whereas the Finesse uses slim or regular tubing. Any of these models can be fit as open, with domes or earmolds. Domes are generic eartips that can be used in place of custom earmolds.

As a new user, I was amazed at how little real information and technical detail was included in the manufacturer brochures and web sites. Reading some brochures generated more questions than they answered. And, as you note… even a simple comparison of features and capabilities within a HA family is impossible to make due to the very limited, incomplete/partial, and oftentimes conflicting data provided.

The glossy brochures are certainly full of random buzz words, pretty birds, happy people, musical notes, and lots of marketing hype. Unfortunately, most of the relevant facts and features are missing!

Not sure why, but overall there seems to be an aura of mystery and secrecy around the entire hearing aid business and supply chain. Just my personal observation… I am sure others will have differing opinions. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Pell1203, I agree with everything you’ve said. One thing I would recommend is looking at the “for Professionals” area of manufacturer websites. You won’t escape the meaningless buzzwords, but you’ll often find brochures with fitting ranges, frequency response curves, etc that you just don’t get in consumer brochures.

Can you tell me what brands you’re looking at? I’ve been all over the manufacturers websites lately, and might be able to offer you some links.

Latinist, I have an upcoming appointment at Costco. So, I’m trying to Find everything I can ahead of time regarding the aids they carry: Resound, Rexton, Phonak, and Bernafon.

Take a look at the professional brochures and datasheets. They’re where the real info is, though, as I said, not free of meaningless marketing terminology.

For Phonak:

Note that there are few features of the Audéo Q that are not in the Brio.

For Bernafon:

You’re looking for the Juna 7 and Juna 9.

For Resound:

You’re looking for the Verso 9, although again there are a few features that aren’t in the KS-5.

I can’t find a professional site for Rexton, but the model you want to be looking at is the Accord 2[SUP]c[/SUP].

Latinist, you are absolutely correct! When I found very little info on the consumer web sites I cracked the code and visited the professional web sites and support links to be able to see more specs and download the individual user guides and more informative data sheets. Most of that info, and more, should be available on the consumer web site.

In my case, I’ve already trialed the Phonak Audeo Q90 and Audeo V90 aids and decided to go for the V90s. Truth be told, given the level of hearing loss I exhibit, either model would have been sufficient. Connect Hearing offered the Q90s at the Costco matching price of $2600 for the pair and we negotiated an upgrade to the newer Venture V90s for an additional $300. The S/W engineer in me just could not leave the newer generation chip technology and software upgrades laying on the table for that minimal price difference. :slight_smile:

So far everything is going well! I am presently enjoying the Com Pilot Air II and eagerly awaiting delivery of the TV Link II. My local store should have it back in stock before the end of the month… both wireless accessories were included as part of my purchase… so I feel good about the results!

Thanks for all your helpful and informative posts.