Rexton/Costco TV Streamer


With my older Resound aids, I could have two TV Streamers paired with my aids.

Apparently, this is not possible with the KS8s or at least I can’t figure out how to Do this.

Can anyone explain how or confirm that it can’t be done?


ReSound hearing aids can actually support up to three TV streamers. Each set of KS8 hearing aids can only be paired to one Smart Transmitter 2.4 at a time. If you have two transmitters, you’ll need to re-pair the aids each time you switch devices.


I have the connections on my second TV so when I was trialing KS8 I would unplug the two connectors (USB power and signal) from my main tv, take the transmitter to the second tv and plug it in. Took 10 seconds.


If both tvs are using toslink to connect, buy a 15 foot or so cable (in my case). You can unplug tv 1 and plug in tv2. Streamer works thru whole house for me. I just have to remember to switch. I actually bought a toslink switch and just have to flip it. All available from Amazon. 15 foot cable under $10, switch about $15.stereo sound is so awsome again! I actually look left and right to see stuff not on screen . Wifey laughs at me .