Rexton Cobalt Recall?

I went in to Costco to have my aids adjusted, as I wasn’t hearing as well as I’d like. The audi told me that the receivers on my aids had been recalled due to domes coming off in the ear canal. He replaced them with new receivers, but I hate the new receivers. They are a hard plastic and don’t bend well, so are constantly popping out of my ears. Plus the sound quality is no where near as good as the last receivers. Has anyone else had this problem? My audi’s only suggestion seems to be keep putting on bigger and bigger domes to hold the receiver in the can, but I hate large domes, too.

Do you have the cobalt 16’s? Is the entire receiver unit hard plastic? I use the smallest open dome there is b/c I have very small canals. The audi tried bigger domes as well but when I move my jaw, it pokes and really hurts. I change the domes at least every 2 weeks. Any wax at all affects sound volume and quality. If you find out more about the recall, please post.

I don’t know which Rexton Cobalts I have, but I got them about 18 months ago. Yes, the receivers are hard plastic, and the domes “click” in place. They claim they’re safer, as the domes are less likely to come off and get lodged in the ear canal. I hate the hard plastic. Just got back from the audi, and just as I suspected, his only solution was gigantic domes to hold the receivers in place or else this ear mold, which is a hard plastic C-shaped piece that sits inside your ear, under the canal. I e-mailed Rexton, but they were no help.

That was a quick reply. Maybe you have different ones. I got mine 6 months ago and the domes are click-on ones and I find them hard to take off when I need to change them. The receiver looks like metal to me. I looked on the Siemens website as Rexton is made by them. Not a consumer friendly site - more geared towards professionals.

I don’t know what you had before but all the receivers I have seen are a small plastic tube with a wire inside. The small plastic tube is formed to a shape so that when the tip/dome goes in your ear the plastic tube/wire should fit snug against your head.

With the Rextons I tried, I started out with a receiver that was too short so I had to almost straighten the elbow bend to get them in, but then the receiver wire would try to pull them back out because the elbow was exerting some pressure. Make sure the receiver wire is the right length. You can put the hearing aid around your ear but just have the dome pointed at your ear and see where it points. It should point at the upper part of your ear canal. It should not be necessary to “unbend” the receiver wire.

Otherwise, the domes should be very comfortable. If I remember, Rextons can come with a 6mm, 8mm, or 10mm open domes, or 8/10mm or 10/12mm double domes (power domes). They didn’t offer the tulip domes then (earlier this year).

NLL, yours sound like the newer version of receivers. I don’t know if my receivers were too long, too short, or just mishaped. I’m on the third pair and they seem to be working, but I have those big, open, tulip-shaped domes, which I’m not crazy about.