Rexton - Calibra 3 Free - BTE - questions - I'm new

Hi - I’ve been told by two audiologists that I would benefit from HA’s. I tested a pair last year and they worked but were about $6K. I said no thanks. A couple weeks ago I went to another one and wore a pair of demo units that were Rexton Targa’s. They worked very well but tended to have feed back when something was semi-close to my ear. Other than that they were very good. Because I’m figuring my hearing is only going to get worse and the Calibra 3’s were supposed to be Rexton’s best BTE unit - I went with them thinking I would have “room to grow.” I’ve had them a few days and am not satisified with them … yet. A “bird sound” randomly seems to occur when other sounds are there. (If no other sounds the “bird sound” does not occur. The aud is very patient. I was back to him several times with the Targa’s but I’ve only been back to him once since the original setup of the Calibra’s. I have the domes in the ear’s and they kept falling out - not completely but enough that it was compromising the sound. He used a larger dome and slightly longer tubes and things seem to be staying put. One of the things that is concerning me is that my voice and other sounds sound like they are tinny - almost like a tunnel sound. I know he has them too loud but I’m having problems understanding speech. I didn’t have that problem with the Targa’s.
NOW - I have two questions. First, has any one used this brand of HA. And, how many visits should I do before I think there is actually something wrong with the devices. (Now I’m thinking that I should have just stayed with the Targa’s.)
Thanks in advance!!!

It turns out the “chirp” I was hearing from my aids was the feedback mechanism that was set to strong. It was confused. He started from scratch again… I don’t know.

I’m not totally sure of this, but Rexton also has the Revo and Revera, which I thought were higher end than Targa. One of them is similar to a Siemens Cielo Active and the other a Siemens Centra.

Yea - I did read that Rexton’s line were actually Siemens units. Everytime he attempts to turn up the Calibra’s I get a tinny sound. Now he has them turned down enough that I don’t here the tin sound but I also don’t hear the birds…

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