Rexton (BTE) Gem 12+ Telecoil any good?

I am new to this board and wished I have read this prior to getting my HA. I am insured with Humana, and they have a partnership with Truhearing, so my options are limited to only the products from Truhearing. I explained to the audiologist since these are my first pair of HA’s, I want to get HA that are discrete, comfortable, and good for watching movies and in meetings. I can listen fine with people talk in a deeper voice; however, if people talk low and soft, I have a hard time listening. I also advised the audiologist that I need to keep the pricing closer to the $2,500 to $2,700 range if possible. I don’t care about all the bells and whistles, as I am on the above and good sound quality. She recommended the Rexton (BTE) Gem 12+ Telecoil at $1,295 for each ear / $2,600 including fees both.

I’ve had the Gem 12 for about three days now. I will say that they sound really good and I can listen better. There are some channels like TBS where the voice part is still a little lower. The audiologist set up an appt with me in two weeks and again within 45 days to make sure we get the adjustments done.

After reading the boards, I don’t know if the Rexton Gem fits my needs or if there is any others that are better in my price range? I am reading about ReSound Alera’s. The Alera 9’s wireless is $1,795ea each and a little too high for my budget. I see the Alera 7 Wirelss TS is probably the most expensive at $1,495ea (2,900 combined), and not sure how these are compared to the Rexton Gem 12+ Telecoil. If there are any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The pricing and options on hearing aids is located at truhearing website as I am only limited to these.

Freq . L . R
250 . 45 45
500 . 50 40
1000 50 45
2000 55 45
3000 50 40
4000 45 35
6000 35 20
8000 35 35

R 100% at 85dB
L 100% at 85dB

R 45dB
L 45db

I’m personally a fan of Seimens/Rexton. I’m assuming you mean RICs?

I will say that they sound really good and I can listen better

they look like decent enough aids and of course if one channel is lower then another you will need to turn it up. A miniTek is great for TV watching. with a pretty decent low end loss if you don’t already have custom molds you may like them better. plus, it sounds like you have a good AuD.

I don’t know the difference on BTE or RIC. My receipt says, Rexton - GEM 12+ Telecoil, BTE (RIC), battery size 10.

it means the speaker (they call it a receiver) is inside your ear with a tiny wire in the tiny tube back to the part behind your air. which I much prefer myself. the receiver part can be changed if you need ‘more power’ in the future. wear them in in every situation you can think of and keep notes of what you like and what isn’t exactly right and take them to your next AuD visit. I’m guessing you have at least a 45 day trial so let the AuD tune them up before deciding.

here’s some details on the GEM

The hearing aid is a behind the ear (BTE), receiver in the canal (RIC),which means the hearing aid sits behind your ear and has a thin wire with the speaker(receiver) in your ear canal instead of being piped into your ear by a tube. With size 10 batteries you will be changing them often.