Rexton Blu RCU / Siemens TEK

I have a Rexton BLU RCU remote and I assume that the Siemens TEK is similar.

My remote was getting low on battery so I connected the mini-usb on the bottom to a usb port on my puter. It didn’t charge. I connected the mini-usb to a generic 120v to usb adapter - no charge. Only when I connected the mini-usb to 120 using the adapter included with the BLU RCU kit did the remote charge, and as it charged it showed the “charging” symbol on its screen.

Anyone else see this type behavior??

Yep! same with the Tek. Only charges w/ the 120v charger that it comes with.

Yep its real annoying - wish I could use my car cellphone charger with it

I want to charge it off my computer.

Thecharger plugs into 120v and has a mini usb connector - what if I plug that mini usb into something else - a blackberry?? perhaps?