Rexton Blu Link

Local Audi is recommending Rexton Onyx 12’s. I got the impression from him that the Bluetooth box/Streamer would provide true R/L stereo to my aids. As opposed to a monaural combined R/L sound. But a different Audi (who doesn’t sell Rexton) is telling me that the Rexton is combined R/L, not true stereo.

Which one is correct? Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see a clear explanation on the Rexton product page.

The cutting-edge technology of Bluetooth® wireless connectivity will transform the way you hear the sounds of life. The optional Blu RCU not only controls hearing aid functions, but also allows our digital hearing instruments to stream high-quality, stereo sound from many popular audio devices such as TVs, mobile phones, MP3 players, and more. Don’t let your hearing problems alter your quality of life.

Discover the joy of music again! Any Rexton instrument with Blu Link technology can connect wirelessly to stereos and MP3 players using the Blu RCU. Sound is streamed to both hearing instruments in stereo, transforming them into personal headphones.
Mini Blu RCU is everything you could want in a wireless accessory – in one ultra-small package. Using Rexton’s Blu Link technology with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, it sends sound from the electronic gadgets you can’t live without to both of your hearing aids. The clever little remote can be tucked in a pocket, clipped to clothing or worn around your neck on the included lanyard. Best of all, it juggles 2 connections at once so you can easily switch between listening to your TV and laptop computer.

Maybe you’re passionate about music. Maybe you’re a movie lover. Could be the focus of your devotion is another person. Whatever you’re into, Mini Blu RCU lets you easily connect to various Bluetooth enabled devices like cell phones, stereos, TVs, MP3 players and laptops. It works with most Rexton wireless hearing aids, even the smallest ones that fit completely in your ear canal.

Thank-you. I already saw that. I have seen misleading ads for neckloops that say “stereo” because the left and right channels are there. But they’re combined, so not really stereo. The Rexton write up doesn’t spell that out, at least to my satisfaction. Was hoping someone who uses it could tell me what they are hearing.

I own both a Tek and a miniTek and both are real stereo. There have been several post from folks with hearing only in one ear who have complained about that fact. There is no ‘neck loop’ involved.

Thanks. Now if I can just get my rear-end unpuckered after hearing the price for new aids, I just may order a pair of Onyx’

I would try the Kirkland Signature 4s. I heard somewhere the quality is close to the Onyx and the price is amazing for the package you get. :slight_smile:

go to Costco and get the whole Kirkland Package for $2K… made by Siemens. includes a remote but does not include the Blu/mini RCU device I don’t know what they charge for it but my guess low $300’s

or go here and see if Coldmama can hook you up with the place she got her outstanding deal.

They are the same thing. Exact same thing. The Kirkland Signature = Onyx. Except for $2K, not $4K. I got the Mini-Blu for $250.00 Have it hooked up to my TV, I-phone, laptop etc. Fantastic so far.