Rexton and Smart Connect

I would like to know how many of you that use the Smart Connect use the rubber booty that comes with it. Reasons for using or not using it?
I was told by my seller that I have to wear it no matter what and I cant find anywhere in the User Gide book that it shows or talks about it.


There was a discussion earlier on the forums about it. It’s purpose is to keep perspiration out. I don’t have a Smart Connect, but from the discussion I saw, the sleeve is pretty new and very few people use it.

My Smart Connect came with it (just got it about a month ago), and I see no reason to remove it.

I’ve had smart connect for quite some time. Don’t have a “booty”. Is this something that one can pick up as an accessory? Sounds like a good idea to me!

The last time I was in the Costco Hearing Aid department for a new neck strap, they gave me the booty for free. I was on my 2nd Smart Connect, this one supposedly does a better job of sealing out perspiration, but apparently not good enough, because now they are givng out the booties.

If you wear your Smart Connect under your shirt, you probably need it. That’s especially true if you spend time in the hot outdoors or otherwise perspire a lot.

But there are some drawbacks-

  1. It covers the charging jack and audio input jack. Both of these must be carefully cut out with an Xacto type hobby knife.
  2. It makes the volume buttons more difficult to press, especially when attempting to press both at once to mute tjhe mics.
  3. It makes the Smart Connect noticably larger.

None of these problems are as bad as shorting out your Smart Connect with a bunch of sweat. So it’s worth it.

It’s a translucent silicone rubber(?) “sleeve” that fits over the Smart Connect. One came along with my Smart Connect but not in place. Since I wear my Smart Connect between my undershirt and my shirt, I don’t think it runs the risk of getting damp from perspiration, so i don’t use the “boot”/“sleeve.”