Rexton Adore Li: Did I make the right choice?

I’ve been using hearing aids for fifteen years now and for the past nine years they have been Costco’s Kirkland brand. They were ok but now I need new ones. I was going to get the Kirkland brand again but the technician talked me into upgrading to the Rexton LI. He explained that the Rextons handled the high frequencies that I have a problem with better than the Kirklands. The price is $500 more than the Kirklands. Is the technician being honest or have I just been “upsold”. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Sharing your audiogram would help us help you.

I am a bit partial but the Rexton aids are a step or two down from the KS9 aids. Both good aids though.

Did you try them on. I mean only you can really tell if what he says is true. Did he let you compare them to the latest model of the brand you are currently wearing. Do you feel that the improvements are enough to justify the additional cost. What the tech sheet says is only a guide. Only you can determine whether you thing the upgrade is beneficial enough to justify the cost. Of course like the previous poster said. Put up your audiogram.

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Thanks for replying. I don’t have the audiogram.

Then your first step should be to acquire one. Go to some audiologist and do the checkup. Then discuss expectations from your hearing and from hearing aids. Then go to the fitter. Or your fitter maybe can provide that.

But without that, how you hear tones, what’s your word recognition score in quiet, in noise, everything is just shooting in the dark. For everyone involved.

Next sure why one would think they are a step or two below ks9. One thing about Costco you have 180 days to decide.