Revisiting My Issues with microphone and severe hearing loss Resounds? Phonaks. Multi mic? Roger pen?


Thank you for detailed reply. My loss is from a virus. I took prednisone without success. I had another bout with sinus issues and MRI. Just have structural issue with semicircular canals.
Dr not optomistic i will get return. See him next week for another audiogram. Have to decide if there is need to go with the latest if either brands as not understanding the benefit of Vida vs Quattro or the 2 versions of Phonaks.
Big big investment to go to audi but is it necessary? It seems that the success with brands is totally individual based on the hours i have spent reading all the posts

  1. is in one system more likely to help me at conferences?
  2. are the latest and most expensive of either brand have features that you all have been glad you bit the bullet yo get because your hearing was that much better in a 55/60 4K range?
    Thanks again!


Not sure one can say one way or the other for conferences. Truth be told, HA technology across the board is pretty fantastic - it often boils down to user preference and style, and it comes with trying them out. Edit: it will likely boil down to how well they are programmed to your loss.

The Vida is the LiNX 3D, one step below Quattro. Why not trial the Vida out to see how you do? There is likely not a huge difference that will make or break you between LiNX 3D and Quattro, specifically in these settings that you describe. Not as familiar with Phonak at Costco. If you go Costco route, make sure you get REM fit. There’s a risk you won’t get as good of a fit at Costco, but that same risk applies with a below average audiologist. If you go ReSound route: make sure you ask them to turn up your environmental optimizer and walk you through that in EACH program. (They’ll know what this is. If they don’t, red flags!)

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Wonderful reply!
If anyone can respond with loving the Quattros over the Brios or the Roger items vs multi mic i would be most appreciative.

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At least for teaching, have you investigated transcription devices? (speech-to-text). Maybe if you teach a class with a lot of esoteric vocabulary that might not work so well. But there is another thread on this forum that discusses the free Google Android app Live Transcribe that uses an Android phone microphone to transcribe spoken words to written text. Works very well for everyday speech. Requires an Internet connection as it uses Google servers. Maybe there is something similar for the iPhone if you’re an iPhone user.

On premium vs. less-premium HA models from a manufacturer, from what little I’ve read, the OEM’s typically say that the premium brands are designed to handle more complex, varied listening environments whereas the lesser models of the brand are designed for folks who have less demanding requirements, e.g., stay-at-home elderly people who interact with relatively few people in a quiet, consistent environment. The premium brands supposedly cost more because you are paying for the development and manufacture, etc., of higher levels of technology rather than spreading the cost around amongst all purchasers of that brand and having folks pay for features that don’t need and don’t get in their less expensive, less premium hearing aid.

I haven’t follow any of the posts about your condition very closely - especially the previous thread - but it is possible, unfortunately, to have hearing loss so severe that it can’t be adequately restored by a hearing aid. Hopefully your audiologist has been able to make some determination on that score but it should only cost several hundred dollars at most to trial a premium hearing aid and return it if you don’t think it helps. Maybe with your audiologist’s help and some friends you could reconstruct trial scenarios to compare HA performance rather than waiting to use HA’s in class and making any given class an experiment. In a trial setup situation, you could twiddle with all the settings and see if you can find the best adjustment, the best program of whatever you’re trialing to deal with your loss. Is your audiologist wanting to keep you with ReSound because they’re more experienced with that brand rather than Phonak? Maybe you should give Phonak a try or if you can wait a bit, see what focusandearnit has to say about the Marvels vs. the Quattro’s, when he gets his trial Marvels shortly. If he thinks the Marvels are definitely a step up for him from his Quattro’s, which he clearly likes, that might be the ultimate model to try - but there are also premium Widex and Oticon models out there, too, Signia, Starkey, etc.

The ReSound Smart Fit 1.3 software, which is only supposed to be used by a hearing aid provider, has some excellent media test files. Maybe your HA provider has that software installed and could give you a single group of sound files or so to play, e.g., _ENmd+0lunch.wma (the speech at 0 dB above noise), the versions with the speech at 5 and 10 dB above noise, and the speech only file. There’s also another series of speech in noise like this, the _ENkt+0bkft.wma file with similar versions with louder speech relative to the noise and a speech only version. I would think if you can’t make out the speech-only versions of these files, your hearing loss is so bad it’s not going to be reparable by HA’s - but I’m not an audiologist and am pretty ignorant.

The thing about these speech files it it would give you a highly reproducible speech in noise scenario that you can use to test out whatever HA’s you want to try. Even though um_bongo (Stephen Bright, a provider) has pointed out that the recordings, at least when played on a computer, are not true 3D sound that lets directionality of an HA work to maximum advantage, maybe it’s something reproducible that would allow you to make an objective as decision as possible about some expensive alternatives.

The Smart Fit software is also available in the DIY section and you can obtain a personal copy of the sound files I mention from that. ReSound says the software is not to be deconstructed and used for other purposes, so keep that in mind as well as the other restrictions on the program. It requires a Windows computer (works on Windows 10) and you don’t want to have the files extracted from the .ZIP download in too long a file path or the install will bomb. If you see a “can’t find markets.xml” on an install attempt, your path is too long.

Hope at least the test sound file idea is helpful in seeing how challenging a sound environment any HA you trial can help you deal with.

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Have your Versos been adjusted to keep up with your changing hearing loss? The reason i ask is that the Versos can have power receivers and would fit your loss, so if you still can’t hear well and the Versos are set up for your current loss, I would want to understand why.

I believe the Versos have separate adjustments for soft speech and medium speech and I always have to have soft speech bumped up, and since it is a separate adjustment it doesn’t make louder sounds louder.

Bumping up soft speech helps me understand younger people.

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I currently have Costco Phonak Brio 3 and I previously had the Costco version of the Versos with a Phone Clip+. I liked the Versos and they worked well, but they dont have frequency compression, where higher frequencies are moved lower where I hear a little better.

I really like the Phonak Brio 3. I can hear better than ever. I love the Compilot 2 Bluetooth device. I have a lot of connectivity needs and it’s never enough. Well, the Compilot 2 is enough. I can connect to two phones at one time, plus one other streaming tablet or laptop.



I went to Audi 2 weeks ago and they changed the settings to reflect the newest Audiogram.
I am due to go back after ENT visit to get them fine tuned once we determine if my loss on the right has stabilized. This may be the issue as my Audiogram isn’t that bad except at one level! The testing says it’s only moderate loss overall on the left.
Most grateful for previous detailed responses
Not so bad I need technology of written words to understand in class. Hoping to get a gizmo to use like TV remote to point at person who raises their hand if this exists rather than passing around the mini mic
Watching TV I put the mini mic by the sound bar

Will look forward to report on Marvels from member waiting on them to see if they are marvelous.
Going to try Costco first as my husband likes their tweaking and they have both brands although a step down At least there I can compare
This is why my head is spinning:
The ENT Audi I see next week doesn’t do ReSounds but does have premium Phonaks. I had to find a different Audi to adjust the Versos since I moved since getting the HAs. The old one did premium ReSounds not Phonaks



You might want to watch Dr. Cliff, AuD’s YouTube Channel. In particular, the following YouTube videos:

(search his channel on “speech in noise” for others)

(as focusandearnit points out, you can attach a Roger Receiver X03 to this device and use it with Roger devices - and buying used stuff on eBay for the Roger devices helps make it affordable (but used) for ordinary human beings like us)


How much do you use your app (mainly aimed at Resound and Widex users)

my situation is very similar to TRS. Wearing hearing aids for 15 years with good benefit to my then mild to moderate loss. Six months ago an exploding sound into my left ear brought my hearing down into the severe to profound range in the left ear ( WRS on left is 30%) and I had a slight decrease in my already impaired right ear. Since then I have had my aud turn up the power on my Sarkey Halos, tried a Signia bicros, and a pair of Signia Charge and Go’s. All to no significant improvement in the left ear. I am discouraged and confused. The only way I have been able to hear speech clearly (aside from direct streaming into my right ear) is to wear any of the above aids in the right ear and close off my left ear canal (with my finger pressure or silicone ear plugs). it seems that if any sound comes into my left ear either through a hearing aid or directly through the air it is so distorted that it somehow prevents my brain from using the good sound coming from the right hearing aid. The Auds I have spoken to do not seem to know what I am talking about. Basically they tell me not to block up the left ear canal but to let my brain get more experience sorting out that bad sound from the clear sound coming from the right ear. Do you ever see this type of condition?. I currently plan to try the Marvel and the Quattro but I am pessimistic at this point.

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A review of Live Transcribe just posted in another thread:

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I am very sorry to hear of your struggle. Would you consider trialing a power aid, like ReSound Enzo? I am unfortunately not sure the Quattro’s and Marvels can give you the power you need.

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Keep us posted. I have a feeling the Vida would be a very good first step. It has an incredible smartphone app that gives you a LOT of control without having to run back to the audiologist. I’m a couple weeks out from getting my Marvels. After testing them out I will make a thread.

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I have had 5 audiograms from 4 different audiologists in 6 months. 2 of the 4 recommended bicros which was only minimally helpful. One though my left ear with SRT of 30 should benefit from a strong aid. No benefit from Signia N7. 1 of four I traveled 6 hours to see at Massachusetts Eye And Ear. Recommended as best place in Notheast. She did not believe my left ear was aidable. She recommended one aid on right and to use a Rogers Pen. I was depressed by that opinion and have been trying anything to avoid giving up any ability to localize. Also, I do not understand how the Roger going to my good ear will prevent the distorted sounds from going to my brain through the left.
Would I wear a closed ear mold on the left?
I also do not know if other companies like resound now have technology ie mini mic, that works as well as the roger. It is a long wait till the fall for the Marvel to have the Roger connection and T coil and I do not want to carry another devise for the Marvel. Since the aud at Mass Eye And Ear was certainly the best trained I am beginning to accept she was correct. But do not know how to proceed without another 6 hour trip to have follow-up with her. Your thoughts?



Honestly, while some audiologists are amazingly trained, nothing beats you trying something. I seriously think you should try bilateral Enzos and see how you do. The biggest benefit of Roger is to have multiple mics running simultaneously. If you don’t need multiple mics, I would recommend Enzos + multi mic to trial. Emphasis on the trial. I also think that driving 6h to an audiologist is not realistic or helpful, despite how well trained they are. You will likely need multiple follow up visits. Having one closer by is key.

Your audiologist can suggest something: doesn’t mean they won’t do something you’re more persistent on. But you should also give heavy weight to what they have suggested. In regards to Roger, it would not help with localization. It would help with clarity in difficult speech environments. Would you consider cochlear implants?

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I have not discussed cochlear transplants at all. I see my ENT in a few days for a routine follow up .He initially did surgery for the possibility of a fistula. He patched the window but it made no improvement. I suspect he is best one to ask?

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ENT said I am not a candidate for cochleae transplant.
Where I am at now.
I had mild to moderate hearing loss in both ears for 15 years that was reasonably managed by good hearing aids. Six months ago I experienced a loud explosion and lost most of my ability to understand language in one of my ears. You are the first audiologist to accurately describe the problem of hearing gibberish in my bad ear whether the volume of my hearing aid is very high or low. My problem is that with or without the hearing aid I get the gibberish that confuses the sound from my good ear .

Even with a bicros sound came through the air into my bad ear causing that gibberish to confuse my brain. In a quiet or relatively quiet room I hear best with one hearing aid in my mildly impaired ear and closing down my bad ear with my finger or a silicone earplugs. I cannot find anything written nor do the audiologists tell me of any finding that it is a potentially a good approach to get some improvement in my ability to understand language by blocking completely the flow of sound into the bad ear. or perhaps there is a bicros that can be connected to the bad ear while another devise (? ear molds) block any sound from going into my bad ear.
Any experience with this kind of problem?



Sound coming in my bad ear confuses the processing of sound coming into the good ear. My loss is profound so there is no benefit getting input into the right ear. I found a ear plug helps with this problem. Sounds the same as yours. I am going to talk to the audiologist about closing off the bad one with my new Bi Cros aids



I have the same problem that you do. Did your audiologist find a solution? Did they make a custom ear molds to block out sound from you’re bad year? How did they connect the cros to the custom mold or to some other material blocking the ear without letting sound in? If they made ear molds do they have to be vented since that will allow some sound to come in?



also wanted to ask if you are now using the cross does it work well? Which brand? I have been getting mixed messages from different audiologist. Some say that with this type of severe loss I would be better off with one hearing aid and using an external mic such as a Roger or re-sound micro rather than a bicros. Your experience?



I got Phonak Bi-Cros. Love them
Any sound coming in to right ear is just working at lowest levels and nothing in area for speech and is very annoying. You can see by my audiogram it’s down at 115

When in a loud setting like a concert I put in an earplug to block the sound and take out the hearing aids. Got eargasm brand plugs on amazon to protect the good ear.

My hearing aid on the left picks up the sound nicely from the CROS on the right . I can actually talk on the phone on the deaf side. The part that goes in my ear looks is the biggest dome that fit so it blocks the annoying sound. Not totally but enough. If it didn’t work she was going to do a custom mold on that side but it wasn’t necessary as the dome was enough to muffle it.

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